Flash Fiction(1)


Wednesday, 7:24Pm

Wednesday, 7:24 PM. I kicked my front door shut with a satisfying slam, a full grocery bag in my hand. My perfect day at work at the perfect job was less than perfect – my boss had expressed doubt in my ability to survive in this position. And that had a deeper effect on my psyche than I’d like. I really would love to collapse on the floor and cry, to let it all out. I ached for the touch...Read On



A Week Ago

A week ago... to this hour.... I woke up amongst the crumpled sheets, and saw your eyes slowly open. A week ago. your hand interwined with mine, and I felt your lips touch my own ever so gently. A week ago... I became breathless under your gaze, and you gave me butterfly kisses as you laughed. And as the afternoon sun grew warm, hand in hand, we went exploring....Read On


Every Time

I miss you. You left, with almost no reasons and no explanations, and expected my life to revolve as it once did. The pain was expected, as was the emptiness. It would almost have made sense, and almost felt right, Except… This wasn’t supposed to end like this. This wasn’t supposed to hurt so deep. This wasn’t supposed to pull at my heart every time I think of you. Every time I hear...Read On


Our Grand Adventure

Against the Odds

Through this, our Grand Adventure You were there. And, amazingly, you still are Steadfast in the belief that We’re going to make it. I won’t say that it’s been easy. Easy is a word we scoffed at Right from the beginning. There was the time when things were said, and not said and said with too many words by too many people. But in the end, those same people now...Read On


Stand Up!

for L Life has been unkind - yet you still stand through unimaginable grief through shattered lives through a plague on your blood. through a mind being lost. You still stood with the unyielding weight on your shoulders alone. Then, unsurprisingly, your love finally admitting it never was A love that was never built on trust, or compromise but rather solely on the fear of being alone. ...Read On


The Light

I see the sparkle of light At the end of the dark space I have been travelling through. The velvet blackness is so easy so safe so simple I look around me and I realize the light from my spirit which has guided me has dimmed from the all suffocating darkness I take a careful step forward accepting all the consequences that comes along with it and refusing to let regret take hold to...Read On


The Road

The Road is uncertain ahead, but I have no fear. Moonlight guided my every step, setting the dark cobblestones aglow. I move forward and the doubt from my soul eases. For far too long now, I shielded myself from the world Stemming from the insecurity that, once upon a time, defined me – My heart is scarred, my soul, while not broken, heaves with weight. I thought I knew what I was and who...Read On


What She Isn't

She sits at the smoky bar alone by choice. The neon Bud sign casts a blue glow on her face. Her shoulders straight, her elbows slung casually across the back of the barstool. Jack on the Rocks, Red Sox on the TV. She isn’t worried about her makeup, because she now knows her smile can startle from across the room. She isn’t worried about her hair, because she now knows the cascading...Read On