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Topic: Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted: 16 Jun 2021 08:47

It is great news that the site can remain and all its features and data saved.

I usually try to be positive and rarely vent my anger, but I am making an exception, and I don't care if anyone thinks it doesn't belong in this thread.

I was appalled at the behavior and public airing of grievances and behind the scene communications. It was all ugly.

Think what you want about the site and the people who run it, but none of us deserve some of the things said and done.

I'm taking a break for a while. I have enough stress in my life that I don't need it here. This was the one place I could come to relax and feel welcome.

I wish everyone well and hope everyone can act like adults going forward.

Topic: Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted: 11 Jun 2021 15:32

Rain, rain, rain, and more rain. I am okay with that. It keeps the cicadas quiet, and it's not obnoxiously hot.

I need a nap or a vacation, or a drink. I'll start with a drink. It is Friday, after all. I'm going to try to find something mindless to watch on tv tonight to give my brain a rest.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Topic: What movie did you see in the theater or on DVD?
Posted: 09 Jun 2021 09:35

The Woman in the Window on Netflix.

I had read the book but thankfully had forgotten the ending. It did not get great reviews but I enjoyed it. I love Amy Adams.


I know! The critics really blasted this, but we enjoyed it a lot! Amy Adams and Juilianne Moore (dreamy sigh) are both really good.

For a good story, google the book sometime. The guy who wrote it is quite a piece of work. He's a Talented Mr. Ripley level liar.

I looked him up, you are right, he has a lot of issues. I wonder if that is why he hasn't published anything new. Blaming his lying/deception on bipolar disorder is especially upsetting.

I've tried watching Tenet on HBO max a few times but can't get into it. I got lost in the beginning and didn't have the patience to continue. Maybe I'll give it another shot one night when I can't sleep.


Topic: Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted: 09 Jun 2021 09:00

It was very upsetting to hear about the upcoming closure of Stories Space but heartening to see how many people want to see it remain. I hope it can be saved and continue even if it is different from what we are all used to.

I have always felt welcomed and at home here. It has been a joy to share my writing and read others, and of course, making some wonderful friends over the years.

The cicadas are still out in full force in my neighborhood. My car is covered with the remains of many of them. They fly very slowly, so every time I drive somewhere, several will fly directly into my car. I need to hose them off.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.


Topic: What are you watching on TV
Posted: 03 Jun 2021 21:44

I finished Mare of Easttown on HBO. I thought it was really well done and Kate Winslet was excellent. It was depressing but help my attention throughout.


Topic: What movie did you see in the theater or on DVD?
Posted: 03 Jun 2021 21:40

The Woman in the Window on Netflix.

I had read the book but thankfully had forgotten the ending. It did not get great reviews but I enjoyed it. I love Amy Adams.


Topic: Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted: 03 Jun 2021 21:28

Hot and humid weather has arrived to stay. Between that and the constant piercing drone of the BroodX cicadas, I have turned on the AC. I hate when I have to close the windows. It saddens me in some way. But that is pretty easy to do these days. Feeling helpless is not a pleasant emotion. My parents are doing as well as can be expected, considering their age and differing health diagnoses. I am just drained.

The cicadas are fascinating and harmless, but I am not a fan of them dropping out of trees onto me every time I go outside.

It's good to see so many people here. I hope you all are doing well.


Some cicada pictures.


Topic: Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted: 31 May 2021 11:10

Hello everyone! I'm still dealing with coordinating care for my parents and trying to figure out things going forward. Dementia's memory loss is hard but being unaware that you should not share some things (grisly war details from service in Vietnam being one of many things) makes it even harder.

I am bringing them up to my house for a nice dinner today with just the four of us. I had a good day on Saturday with my son and his girlfriend and their really funny, sweet pug.

I will catch up when I can. I hope everyone else is doing well.

I'll grab a few cookies on my way out.


Topic: Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted: 24 May 2021 15:19

It's good to see everyone. Roland, it is always a treat to find you here. I am glad you are feeling better.

Welcome to Harly and Verity.

I've not been here for a bit. My Mom had a stroke, thankfully a mild one and she is recovering well now at home. It resulted in some stress and worry with my Dad. Long long stories but at least I have a GPS on the key ring he takes everywhere that can locate him if necessary. I stayed with him and have no idea how my Mom does it. I am happy to be back at my house.

I hope everyone is doing well.

I'm going to take some cookies and go nap. I'll try to catch up later.


Topic: This or That
Posted: 10 May 2021 22:53

Chocolate chip cookies

Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?

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By My Side

I am trying but three days in a car make my progress seem very far Thankfully the sea has come to my rescue again. Salt air, endless ocean views are friends Patience you continue to show mile after mile day after day Eventually helping me find my way I question again and again Why am I so different, so bent Maybe that's why you were sent When others around me laugh and enjoy good times...

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See Saw Soul

my soul to use any word spirals around and I cry backed into a corner it just wants to fly it loves and hates longing for space to live in peace not run in circles and race envying others lives watching them spin happy and content why is my skin so thin a recipe for happiness does it even exist here the entirety of my life searching drowning in fear no more doctors nor pills a formula...

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Misery Loves Company

As a parent, you warn your kids about the dangers of the world.  Hopefully, they grow up safe and sound, after heeding your good advice. I had managed to do just that, I raised three boys to their mid-twenties and they are good men.  I proudly passed on my sense of humor and sarcastic outlook on life to them. I was not aware that I had passed on one other thing.  The idea that if you are...

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We Always Go On

You used to worship and love all parts of me, do you still? Easy to do when things were tight firm and new Staring in my mirror, I see So many scars, flaws, surely you do too? Approaching from behind a kiss placed at the base of my neck Shh, stop, now's not the time I feel your lips travel and taste their way down to a scar on my arm Lingering, I try to pull away from you Hands turn me...

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Heart Flutters

A heart flutters Sit, wait, watch wonder Window sill a bird mutters Eyes please open, see Fingers touch, pulse strong Light return to me Hours, days, each pass Smells assault from this place This surely not the last Beep, a small change Sounds, a voice says my name Feet running, feelings range Relief, guilt all mixed up Back to me, the bird leaves Confusion, I offer you a cup ...

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It often starts with a small sound Maybe a little putt, putt or a sigh Some nights a freight train comes round I'm tired and need sleep, but no, I cry I do have choices, move to another room A pillow over my head, maybe earplugs too It's worse now that everything is in bloom Allergies, apnea, find out, but no not you I wander through most days, eyes bleary Love only goes so far, until...

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We Remember

When I am ashes upon the shelf Will you remember me When you feel your skin tingle Will you remember me When you sense a breath in your ear Will you remember me When you see my toothbrush by the sink Will you remember me When you see my pictures Will you remember me I saw your name written in a book And I remembered I inhaled the scent from your clothes And I remembered ...

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Gillian and the Three Mole Stories

Mole Story One I can't recall when I first realized I had a mole under my arm. It was located in the center of my armpit. Early grade school is my best guess. For the most part, I was blissfully unaware of its presence. Doctors had assured my Mother that it was harmless and there was no need to remove it. It was in third grade that my awareness of it became more pronounced. In those...

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