Karmic Reflections


  One day we met We felt the connection Deeper, deeper, deeper It is a memory that has happened before A lesson needs to be learned for each of us We didn't understand  The lesson was to believe in each other Because you were broken you couldn't see me I wanted too much, but I had to walk away So we could both grow separately With this Karmic Reflection we will meet again for a...Read On


Being Yourself

Never be afraid of being yourself or changing

I wonder why some people are so shy? I am one of them I admit I know why I am shy But people may take my shyness as being rude Some people judge me because I am quiet Others ignore me instead It doesn't matter because I have learned you can change Little by little but it takes time Some are afraid to ask to be your friend I don't understand why The old saying, "What you see is what...Read On


Debbie's Dreams

  You were such a beautiful person  So full of life You were a mother, a sister, a friend  You had a smile that was infectious  As soon as you walked into a room All heads turned to look at you You were so much more than just looks Your heart so full and giving  Only you knew your sorrows  You held them deep inside  Never speaking of your sadness  Until the last day When you decided to...Read On


Everyday Things

Love -Hope, feeling Memories-Good, bad Pain-Physical, internal Family-Parents, siblings Acceptance-Belonging, need Help-Caring, faith Friends-Laughter, fun Life-First breath, death These are...Read On


Faces of Fear

We all fear something Be it the past, love, or acceptance There comes a time though When you have to let go Take the chance Throw caution to the wind Or be conservative Wait for the other shoe to drop Let it control you Or you can take control Find your balance Only you can control it Fear is endless, unrelenting, merciless But can you face...Read On



F is for faith that we have in our hearts L is for the love we have for family and friends O is for openness we should have for one another W is for wake, seeing what is around you We keep flowing like water Helping one another through life's moments Laughing and loving Giving support when it is needed Reaching out for everyone to see Flowing everyday...Read On



Learning to forgive

Forgiveness begins from the heart Expand your heart and your mind In order to forgive you need to listen Try to recognize what is being spoken Some people may tell little white lies While others may have too much pride So swallow your pride and forget your lies And always remember Even the ones you love the most Must listen to what their hearts desire most Forgiveness is one of...Read On


Friends by girlie4280 and Innocence_tattooed

Friendship, support

Pearlz is strong, smooth as sand Innocence_tattooed is my best friend Bogusretseo gives excellent advice Arlene is wise with the ace of hearts Madeinitaly, gives a lending hand Confident enough to take a stand Daisydo knows and gets what she wants Guilty enough to make people daunt A Dragon who stands up for her friends A Wolf who is always there to make amends These are the...Read On



Is it time to leave? When do you know? You wait to see if change comes along You choose to make these changes Work, home, relationships Which one comes first? Do they all need to change at once? Change is part of life It's a way of growth To embrace change To face your fears A chance to learn new things Have new emotions You never know what might...Read On



Love and friendship

To be free No more arguments The yelling has stopped We go our separate ways The tears have ended No more pain I look to someone special I look to my friends I see their smiles I feel their love I am ready to open my heart To love again To feel the lips of another Feeling their touch on my skin I am awakened I am ready to laugh again I look within myself, at peace I am finally...Read On


Honest Deception

The lies that people weave

Lies that we weave through our fingers The words that are spoken through our lips We find out one day what we thought was true isn't The ones we loved so much The ones we called family Who cares when they don't Why should I care I do though I cared very much I'm broken Now it doesn't matter what I think I can't get hurt anymore I have reached my point and there's no turning back So who...Read On


I'm Sorry

To all my friends that I have hurt

I'm sorry to all my friends I have hurt In the past, present, and future I'm sorry to my parents Whom I don't see enough I'm sorry to my children I know I work too much I'm sorry to the people whom I didn't choose And I made you choose for me I'm sorry God I can't forgive all the time I'm sorry to my friends Whom I left behind I'm sorry for broken friendships I should have trusted myself...Read On


Let's Fight

Looking into myself

  As I stand here I think to myself, "Let's fight," looking into your eyes I want to scream, "You can't take everything!" But I think to myself, This won't help And as I sit down, All my fight disappears I look at you as I start to cry, As you walk away I let you go, And I look deep inside I'm not afraid of you I stand my ground as you tear me down Piece by piece I build myself...Read On



When to tell or not to tell?

Why do people think it's ok if you don't tell them something? Is it a lie or is it just something that they omit? They think it's ok But really is it? It feels like a game people like to play Sometimes to hurt Other times they think it's ok not to tell When is it ok? Would you call it a lie or is it a half truth? Why can't people just be honest? Over time the truth comes out Hiding...Read On



Finding one's self

With one word one gesture I lost everything I lost my life, my love The things I cherish most As days go by I hit rock bottom I thought of taking my life In that split second I knew it would be wrong I looked deep within myself And saw the things that meant the most I crawled out of the hole To ask for Gods forgiveness, and to show me the way And now I won't ever forget What life...Read On


Moving Forward

I tell myself it's good to let go But I know I'm fooling myself Remembering the pain of a love gone wrong Trying to move forward day by day As I close my eyes I see the one I once loved Trying to start a new day So I look deep into myself Gathering the strength I need I start to put the pain behind me Struggling to start something new I look to my friends for their support Lending me...Read On


My Madness

I want to scream at the top of my lungs I want to tell you how I feel I want to hit you so hard Throw things at you I want you to listen to me Hear what I have to say Tell you how I feel I am so angry I have so much rage You never listened I never asked and you never told You hurt me so much and I hurt you in return In a circle we went Until one day I pushed so hard It all stopped...Read On


My Oldest Son

Happy 8th Birthday

Today is your birthday I'm sorry I couldn't be with you My heart aching I remember the night you were born Your first cry into this world The joy of holding you in my arms Looking into your eyes You were taken away because you were sick Tears rolling down my face I finally got to hold you, feed you Smiling as the nurse asked if I wanted to change the date You are always in my heart I...Read On



There are so many people You look here, you look there All around,everywhere No time for anyone How we move, talk, walk Trying to make people notice Beyond the superficial You are judged in a split second One chance, one time They don't really see They can't understand What lies beneath You can learn from one another If you stop and listen See beyond what is in front of you And know...Read On



Making new things happen

Quietness That is the sound I hear No laughter, no tears, no pain Quietness Some say it's peace Some say it's happiness No words No pain No sound A clean slate A fresh start Something new around the corner New hopes, new dreams The old is gone I've let it all go Looking for changes Making something happen Facing all my new fears Quietness The new sound I...Read On



My head is pounding My throat is on fire I am sneezing like never before My body aches I sound like I'm under water It's hot, it's cold I can't smell a thing through my nose My temperature soars I need to pick the boys up from daycare I so want to hold them I suffered all day As I pick them up they smile at me, talking both at once The boys are good watching a movie As I lay down on the...Read On



Please just stop!

Stop! Stop the lies as they drip from your fingertips Stop! The hurt that your words cause Stop! Judging people you don't know Stop! Being selfish because your hurt Stop! Antagonizing the innocent Stop! Hiding and show yourself Stop! Just...Read On


Thanks To All The Mother's

Happy Mother's Day

To all the Mother's Who gave birth To all the Mother's Who adopted children Say thanks to each and every one of them For taking care of us when we are sick Thanks for guiding us Teaching us right from wrong Thanks to all the Mother's Who play and listen to all the things we have to say Thanks to all the Mother's Who let us be ourselves Each mother is unique Just as her child is to her...Read On


The End

It's time to start over To take chances To purge everything you don't need To be happy, smile, laugh Forget the past, move on It's not worth the trouble Let's move forward Never stopping Always wanting to improve Have faith in yourself Keep going Never forgetting You can make it happen...Read On


The Longest Night

The longest night How I wait for thee The time has come To celebrate with friends We gather around the fire To sit and laugh And remember times old and new It's time to look and rejoice For the things we have As you watch children, parents, loved ones They grow older on this longest day Each one learns something new Waiting, anticipating for things to come Watching, listening to what they...Read On


The Meeting

You have been gone so long Over a month Will you remember me? You love my smooth voice The sweetness that you claim The need the want I love your words but I need to feel your touch Will you remember my smile? Will the smile on your lips reach your eyes? As I see you again, all my fears and doubts fly away My stomach has butterflies once more You're...Read On



What do you see?

Thinking When you look in the mirror, What do you see? Do you hide yourself? Or show everyone who you are? Do you think you're beautiful? Is it an illusion? Are you beautiful inside? More so than outside? Will you love yourself the same? As you do another? Some are beautiful outside, Yet they are rotten inside Some use their looks to deceive others And some just love the attention ...Read On



Make it stop! Everything is closing in Where do I go? The box is getting smaller No where to turn The voices keep whispering The bickering never stops! No one wants to take the blame The same thing over and over No matter what I do In a circle it goes Faster and faster Where do I turn? I look to my left, then to my right I hide beneath the counter I hear giggles coming around the corner I...Read On



Looking in the mirror I see my crazy curls My brown eyes The funny smile on my face I think of my friends We have drifted apart They are always on my mind Kat, Eva, Sunil, Bill I love each one of them I have never forgotten How much they mean to me They are each a strength Runs strong in my heart I miss each one Life is soo fast We are always moving Never stopping, trying to slow down...Read On



I had to let you go I liked you more than you will ever know I told myself I wouldn't tell you and I didn't I acted like I didn't care The last time I saw you You acted like me and I acted like you You listened when I spoke Was it all a game or just a joke You gave me half answers to my questions You never wanted to commit one way or another I'm tired of the games So I left and you wished...Read On



How long is enough? As I sit here waiting The clock on the wall Saying tick tock, tick tock My fingers tapping in rhythm Tap, tap, tap Waiting, waiting, waiting When will it stop? The faucet starts to drip Drip, drip, drip Every sound magnified As I sit here waiting The timer goes off Ding, ding, ding Finally the waiting is over As I open the door I see the most beautiful thing My...Read On


What Is Love?

For someone special

What is that I have been asked? What does love mean? To me it means you love someone With your heart and soul It may start out by a chance meeting It may be a stolen kiss It may be a feeling of excitement when you see that person It may be a good laugh It may be a touch upon your skin It may be forgiving someone who has hurt you It's about sharing yourself with another It's about...Read On


Why not me?

Longing to hold you close Wishing every minute you were by my side Closing my eyes. Your lips touch mine My body tingles with excitement Listening to you Talk about others. Wishing it was me You wanted Feeling the tears Swell up in my eyes As they break free Sliding down my face Why...I ask Why? Why not me? Don't I make you Smile, laugh? Don't you enjoy my company? Why not me? Why...Read On


Will You....

Will you come back to me?

As I gaze into your grey eyes They twinkle as they look at me Your smile so beautiful Laughing as I talk to you I feel alive again, instead of half myself When we first talked, did you like me then? Do you even like me now? Your work takes you away for months at a time Can I handle it? The long nights alone? Will you come back, and still seek me out? Or will you fall for another? Like...Read On



Why do people whisper? Is it to whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Sometimes it's hurtful whispers They want to harm you Other times they whisper, because they think if you hear it will cause you pain Some whisper because they have nothing to say Others are rude where they don't think before they speak Some speak so beautifully you don't want them to cease Words can be so much more If...Read On