50% Off Love Chapter II

Chapter II - Hiro - Hiro awoke to the morning sunlight flashing down upon her sleepy eyes. She covered them with an arm and rolled over onto her side. She sighed contentedly at the warmth her bed covers provided her. Just as she was about to sink back into oblivion, her source of heat was whipped away, leaving her shivering in the cold winter morning. “Wake up now or you’ll be late...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter III

Chapter III - POV Switch - “Are they gone yet?” an icy voice asked, impatiently slamming the cane that was in his hands down onto the wooden floorboards beneath. “Y-Yes, sir, they just left,” another voice stammered its response, closing the door behind the departing figures with a silent click. “Good, let’s begin our discussion, Principal Yuuko,” the voice commanded, moving closer to...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter IV

Chapter IV - Hiro - Class had already ended and together with the President and the girl, Hiro walked with them to the entrance of the school. The three of them stood there for a minute and stared at the other classmates leaving for the weekends. “So there’s no Student Council work today?” she asked, ready for the blessed weekend. “There is, but I decided to give us a good break...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter V

Chapter V - POV Switch - “Did you hear? The head of the Serizawa Company is interested in a commoner!” The voices gossiped in every nook and cranny of the mansion that Sashen inhabited. She strolled purposely through the halls and attempted to ignore the talk of the maids and butlers, but to no avail. Whirling around, she shrieked, “SHUT UP AND GET BACK TO WORK!” She listened as...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter VI

Chapter VI - Hiro - Hiro wandered around her neighborhood aimlessly, shivering from the chilly night air. She sighed and watched as her breath created a miniature cloud in front of her that quickly dissipated. Her shoulders slumped as she continued her trek to who knows where. She spotted the library and decided to head on over, but just as she took a step in that direction, the...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter VII

Chapter VII - POV Switch - Akari sighed mournfully and lay her head down upon the desk. She had come to the school just as the teacher had asked her to so she could make-up a test she had missed out on. And yet, the teacher wasn’t there. She exhaled woefully and squirmed in her desk. As she lay there silently, she heard footsteps enter the room. She froze where she was and listened,...Read On


50% Off Love Chapter VIII

Chapter VIII - Hiro - Hiro ran breathlessly toward the emergency room and was met by the school nurse, the principal, and a rather handsome looking boy, who all stared at her in surprise. Ignoring their glances, she grabbed the poor woman’s shoulder and shook her firmly. “Where is she? Is she alright?” Hiro stormed these questions relentlessly until the boy finally dragged her from...Read On

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50% Off Love Chapter I

Hiro's life is suddenly turned upside down, will she be able to overcome these new challenges?

Chapter I - Hiro - She flicked her hair to the side and looked up from her work, stretching out her sore arms as she glanced around the room. The members of the student council sat at different corners of the room, scribbling ferociously into binders and folders in order to meet the deadline tomorrow. She sank back into her chair and looked over to the President. “Pres,” she...Read On