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Posted 29 Aug 2013 20:35

Dear Yasmin!

I read all 7 sins, and I confess to at least half of them. As for adding new ones, see, we have a saying "your own poop does not stink", meaning that the Pride will hide your wrongs from you, and you will only be able to see OTHER people's sins clearly. So, my pride is firmly on guard of all my wrongdoings. But i know i'm far from perfect.

Anyway, what i want to say is i can clearly see that you are so passionate about teaching! Your energeti personality transpires through the lines of this article (as i combine all 7 posts in my head). One precious thing is you really want to share what you know, and you do it in the most exceptional way. Thank you for taking this profound an brilliant approach to the stuff that happens to all of us writers!