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Letter to a Friend

"Nothing is, but what is not" - Shakespeare, Macbeth. "Whatever... just sayin'..." - Dirty Martini

  Dear Alan, It's been a while since I wrote to you. Did you know there's a story competition in your name? I had an idea for it, started to write something. It was clever, funny, titled Jankowski's Lost'n'Found . The story got lost, but it goes something like this: Jankowski and Al were old friends, co-owners of a cab they took turns driving. They had a flat rate, 4.20, due to the...Read On


Last Rites

“You don’t have to do this, you know. In fact, you shouldn’t be doing it.” “Yes, I know, but it’s all right, I’m going to do it.” “I really don’t think you should, and would prefer you didn’t.” “I’m still going to do it, it’s the least I can do for you. You shouldered me as a burden often enough, in the past.” “That was different, you weren’t old enough or big enough, and needed to...Read On


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The Raft

Memories of summer can last forever

"I can't!" My voice, high and strident, carries out across the water. "Sure you can; come on, try." My sister's voice, low and calm, comes to me clearly. "No, I can't." "But you did last year." Last year. Perhaps. But this is now, and I know I cannot do it. I don't answer her. "Come on, just try." Still no answer. "Do you want me to come and get you?" My teeth are chattering together...Read On



Interactive Banking

Don't be deceived by appearances.

Interactive Banking It was not easy trying to make ends meet. Living in the city was expensive, and Megan was underpaid to do a dead-end job she was over qualified for. She didn’t have a lot of choice, however. Although she was actively searching for a better position, there were very few opportunities. She would have liked to move from the city to a smaller place where the cost of...Read On



Love & Affection challenge: Visiting Hours

There can be untold and surprising depths of affection from random encounters between strangers



Remembrance Challenge - Remembrance is a Living Thing




Knock, Knock

The orange doesn't fall far from the tree...

Knock knock! Who's there? Banana! Banana who? When my brother was a little boy, he loved Knock Knock jokes. Maybe all kids do, but Jack went through a period where he couldn't get enough of them. He loved hearing them, learning new ones, and springing them on people. Delivering the punch line gave him immense pleasure, each and every time. The cornier the play on words,...Read On

Micro Fiction(14)

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Challenge: Linda Ronstadt - Gypsy

This is for Bill


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Settling In

New starts can be tricky at any age



Ephemeral XII

The concept of time can be tricky, especially as it pertains to the here and now



Ephemeral XI

Sometimes home remedies are the most reliable



Ephemeral X

If you want to be certain something has been done, do it yourself



Ephemeral IX

Taking your own advice can be painless



Ephemeral VIII

Is tact an essential aspect of good medical care?



Ephemeral VII

Omniscience can be supplanted by exploration and excitement



Ephemeral VI

Are the greatest of life’s pleasures ephemeral?


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Ephemeral V

Even objects can be ephemeral


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Ephemeral IV

Leftovers can lead to confusion


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Ephemeral III

Whether time flies or saunters is a matter of perspective


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Ephemeral II

Squaring the Circle of Confusion


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Ephemeral, indeed, are the words we utter each day




Ten Things to do

Lists, lists, lists: who needs them? Who ever follows through with them?

Ten things to do on a cold Saturday in May when it feels as though winter has returned, and the snow has fallen as low as 400 meters: 1: Drink your coffee from a pretty cup and saucer, rather than a mug. 2: Read some of your friends stories, then vote and comment on them. 3: Round up the stack of books you've been meaning to read, arrange them in order of preference, then lie down under...Read On


I Have Some Good News and Some Bad News

A slump can go on for too long...

I was unwell last week but... The good news is, I'm feeling better. I had been unable to work in the darkroom for quite some time, but now I can safely say that... The good news is, I finally made it into the darkroom today. The good news is things went well there and I am working on some images I am excited about. The good news is they will be printed up for a small exhibition which I...Read On


Musing on Literary Renown

A brief poetic musing on the vagaries of literary renown

Prologue Recently several large and grand literary prizes have been in the news: the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Man Booker Prize, the Giller prize, and on a more modest level, the Not the Booker Prize, sponsored on the web site of the English newspaper, The Guardian. In the time leading up to the announcements of the laureates for those prizes, great and small, I read and heard a...Read On


The Intruder

The fear of an intruder in the house can be difficult to verify and can cause anxiety at night…

I wake from a sound sleep, vaguely apprehensive and fearful that an intruder is in the apartment. Beside me I hear my husband's deep, peaceful breathing. It is the only sound, and there is no apparent reason why I should suspect a disturbance. Lying still for several minutes, I finally decide to get out of bed and check. It takes a great deal of courage and fortitude on my part but if I...Read On



Ephemeral VI - Adapted as a Play in One Act

Time itself is Ephemeral: Chapter VI - adapted as a one act stage play





WARNING - what follows is absolute rubbish, nonsense, gibberish etc... just sayin'...



Diving Deep




Open Windows, Open Season: Take Warning

Oh drat, it's THAT time of year again!



A Modern Day Shopping Lament

The picture has nothing to do with the poem, I just like it




Keys can be lost or misplaced - but not always



Reflections on International Women's Day

International Women's Day - a sombre, serious day for women, and a day to speak our minds



The Torino's Lament

Cars have feelings too, you know

Preamble - friends of mine have a lovely and lovingly cared for vintage car, a Ford Gran Torino. It's taken out by them on special occasions, but for a recent such event, the Torino was left at home, as there was no secure parking available at the venue they attended. Instead, they drove a large vehicle of recent make. This inspired the following: The Torino’s Lament or: ...Read On


What IS That Smell?

Putting the dog in doggerel, and the no in no-stalgia



A to Z - More Nonsensical Rhyme

It is indescribable, and probably excruciatingly unbearable



Emphatery - a contentious word, put to good use

Emphatery: adjectival form of emphasis, decided by me - unknown til now, but nonsense rules



A Philatelical Limerick

Something lighthearted for Thursday

*** Limericks are five line poems containing the rhyme scheme AABBA. Often they are ribald, if not obscene, however this one is clean, and while it is very tempting to write the introduction in limerick form, I shall abstain - this time. *** Now please read on... *** There was a young woman named Nathalie, Who had an unusual approach to philately, Sticking stamps...Read On


Ode to Somniloquy

To all those who natter in their sleep, and to those who act as night-time scribes...



A Poetic Meandering

Maundering musings: mainly meaning more metaphorical meanderings



The Wounded Bird



To Rant About Rude

Saying thank you and being polite seems to be challenging at times for some people.


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Words come and go.The poetry muse dropped by at an inconvenient moment, and was sadly ignored.



Ode to the Magnificent Rascal

Thanks to Magnificent1Rascal for her poem 'Better Than You', which inspired me to write this.



Ode to a Volunteer Editor

Well intentioned friends are a true blessing!


Romance (1)

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If Ignorance is Bliss...

If ignorance is bliss, then ignoring someone can be blissful...

The first day of June that year had ushered in a heat wave that, as it turned out, would last for three months. No one knew it then of course, which was just as well. We all struggled through the hot, muggy days, shuttling back and forth from air-conditioned homes to air-conditioned workplaces, usually by means of air-conditioned transportation. It was supposed to be the best time of year and...Read On



Come fly with me

Swooping and soaring above the earth and its cares ...



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First Run of the Day

The first downhill run of the day would stay with Amanda forever.

First Run of the Day Amanda started to move forward on her skis. She crested the brow of the slope, feeling a rush of excitement and power flow through her as she gained confidence and speed. The run was difficult, steep, dangerous and hers, only hers. Soon she was accelerating, flying along, the world a blur around her. It felt as though she were being lifted in the air, literally...Read On

Stories Collaborated(2)


Lost and Found

A Short Tale of Dogged Determination

  MARTIN HANDED A MUG of fresh coffee to Jane and slid into the seat opposite her at the breakfast table, pausing a moment before he spoke. “Jane, I need to ask you something.” Caught off guard by the statement, she slopped a little of the steaming liquid. “You always do that when I’m holding a drink,” she chided gently, dabbing the spill with a napkin. Her lighthearted tone belied...Read On

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Writer's Block

A Short Tale of Seaside Serendipity

  THE CALENDAR TAUNTED JANE, its little yellow-highlighted square outlined in a bold red stroke mocking her lack of progress. ‘You’re going to miss the deadline, you know. I’m just six weeks away now,’ it scoffed. ‘Whatever made you apply for that fellowship anyhow, and what could the panel have been thinking when they gave it to you? You’re no writer; you’ve proven that over the past...Read On