Late night talks in bed With you Leave me in awe You hold my hand Telling me I'm beautiful Forever yours Years of ups and downs Fights And the make ups Gains and losses Yet We grow Your smile toward me Is different And mine The way your eyes light up When I'm home Waiting There's no place I rather be I swear Than in this bed Next to you Dreaming and growing Very few can...Read On


A Loved Woman

She smiles from deep within  Not caring who sees  She’s in love, my dear  For her heart is finally free   She fears no anger  Nor negative vibes  She has her prince  A love not all can find    She ignores the jabs  The childish whispers  She continues to flourish  In the arms of her mister    She’s completely in awe  While she follows his lead Not looking back  She keeps...Read On

A Miracle

She knew all too well  The taste of loss The empty bitter pill From what life had tossed    From losing the sweet butterflies  Created by a miracle  Deep within her being  Life’s cruel undoing    The evil whispers of her failures Constantly crawling away  Trying to break her wall  To take her last will    The irony of her story  Isn’t her losses or wins  It’s her determination ...Read On


My love is over pouring  Into my hands  Like oil  From an alabaster box   Knees so weak  From traveling  Long, rocky roads  To this point in our lives   My feet are scarred From jagged edges  Broken pieces  From trials and failures   But we held on  Never giving up A love so strong  We couldn’t let go   I am so full of your love Drowning in bliss Thankful of the years ...Read On

Crowded Hall

These halls feel crowded  Smothering me  So many voices  I need to feel free   Walking faster towards you  I know you’ll be there  Just give me a few more minutes  I’m coming I swear    The crowd seems to increase  Holding me away  I’m struggling to get past  Please just stay    I can see your door  The light is shining bright  I’m almost there  I will continue to fight   ...Read On


I've loved you before I knew you Our souls cross the boundaries of time No barrier in our path could stop us For an eternity you are mine Reincarnated beings of love Finding ourselves drawn without hesitation No magician could cast a stronger spell Nor could time set limitations I am your heartbeat within your chest The life source of your strength Without you my true destiny I...Read On

Do You Remember

You know that guy? That Lies Cheats Denies He was once Lied too Hurt Denied the truth Now he plays games With hearts Souls Tearing other's apart He needed more in life Relationships Family Not just hardships ------------------ Remember that girl? Who danced Laughed Took chances She once smiled brighter Sincerely Longer While listening Now she is broken Torn Lost Feeling...Read On

Falling Leaves

As I watch the leaves fall I remember every kiss The crisp breeze in my face I start to miss him Eyes so pure and warm Still I see so vividly The simple smiles Meant only for me Walking lost in my thoughts Down our secret trail I can still hear his voice Floating in the air No longer do we call Nor do we speak When he would text me I would feel so weak I miss his morning voice His...Read On

Finding Me

I'm lost in myself trying to find my way back to me.... Black clouds cover my realm Not releasing me from hell Stuck inside an impossible place Feeling as if I've lost all grace Death is a bitter pill to swallow Taking without mercy leaving you hallow I can never find my feet Living in a stillness retreat Help me find my smile again Remind me that I will mend Death is a journey we...Read On

Follow Me

I feel the flush taking over Warm heat radiating from my cheeks Neck is on fire now As I feel your piercing eyes on me I need to leave now But I'm unable to move my feet For your gaze is severely unnerving I can't help but stare and feel weak I wonder if you feel just as flush Or if your heart is out of sync Is this passion from desires fire Or maybe you just like staring at me Lust...Read On

His princess

Heat rushing to my face He said yes My dear god  He actually said yes   After so many years No being repeatedly  Sent my way  But now I am entranced   I can’t move  I can’t breathe  My knees begin to shake  My heart in a rhythmless dance   Tears of joy flowing  Down my face  Onto my neck  Beyond my breast    Yes ... he answered Am I dreaming  Have I finally awaken  ...Read On

I Don't Want to Forget

When I look at us... I don't want to forget our Memories Touches The love I feel with you I need to remember the Laughter Conversations Between us two It's time to let go of Pain Disappointment That follows close Concentrate solely on Right now The future The moments I love most For we need to remember Life is short Not promised Forever changing I just don't want to Forget...Read On

Love You Forever

I'll love you forever Never leaving my heart Heated kisses of surrender Frozen in the dark Eyes blazed in passion Telling our truths Time and distance Only serves our proof That we love without force Naturally and pure First with simple smiles And silly little words Oh how I remember the beginning Feeling loves high Now I treasure the comfort In knowing no lies We held on through...Read On

Loving a Soldier

Soft musky scent  Clouding my mind Dirt stained hands Pulling  Pulling  Pulling me down You're taking control Binding my force Holding me captive Against my choice I'm screaming  Without my voice You're holding me Tighter Tighter Tighter with only words How do you do this Take without touching Holding me prisoner From across the sea You left me standing In our dark room My love so...Read On

Molded Mess

sometimes people are better off apart...

You're like the jack to my coke Jelly to my peanut butter Mint to chocolate Everything that flows together But you'll never be my sunshine Nor the refreshing rains Cooling my skin on hot days Just the reminder of pain My shadow in bright rooms Never a light in darkness Faded flowers in vases Dead, dried up secrets How can we fit so perfectly Yet kill everything within us...Read On


She is her only battle  Her mind is the field  Struggling for balance  In a world of up hills   Does she go out today  Or wait till tomorrow  Will she find endless laughter  Or find words to swallow    Will her husband find peace In a house of chaos  Will her children listen  Or will words cross   She will find balance  For she loves all here  Sometimes she receives praise...Read On

My Baby

Where has the time gone  You seem to change daily Growing faster each year My forever baby My precious little girl Who no longer wears bows It's time for pink or red lipstick With matching toes Dresses and leggings Frilly little tees Polka dots are a maybe In purple or pink Boyfriend letters  Cute little rhymes  Kissings still gross But will change in time I wish I could stop  And...Read On

My Words

When I had you My mind spoke in poetry Now I am quiet Feeling the irony When I am so pissed My anger releases rhythm Lately, I'm so mellow With an ink filled pen Lost imagination Dull, boring world Where's the passion I found in words I smile and laugh Feeling love galore Yet I can't write There's simply no more Am I broken Or just in a rut Will my words come back Or have I no...Read On


Cancer can claim a precious life so fast....

My love for you Will always remain Like the sun shining brighter Each passing day When I see my flowers Growing in their beds I'll remember your voice And the words you said You'll love me forever Beyond the bright stars That death is the beginning Of promises answered afar I know you're with grandpa Enjoying your rewards Waiting for no one Left here on earth For you are happily...Read On

No Sleep for Me

Sleep hides from me Never coming to rest  Staying out of reach  Leaving me in distress    Fear around the corner  Dark mysterious mist  Haunting green eyes  Followed by a hiss    Tiptoeing forward  Not looking back  Oh how I hate this  Feeling like crap   Why did I do it  I must be insane  Feeling so foolish  Only myself to blame    One too many movies  Surrounding...Read On

Online Princess

Just a little thought about those in online romances...

When you’re little  You never think You’ll find a prince Across a screen    You dream of castles In the sky  Riding rainbows  Learning to fly   You find a telescope And see the stars Not thinking about  Broken hearts    You hear promises In your ear  Hoping your soul mate  Will be near    How does one  Explain a miracle  In a situation so Hysterical    Is it a...Read On

Over the Rainbow

Setting my inner self free...

I'm a sinner lost in a storm Needing to find myself there I lost my innocence years ago My screams fell into nowhere Out of the darkness you came Shining your light upon me You saw what others saw Yet your vision searched deep Seeing my little hiding in doubt Fearing to be exposed Reaching into my virgin depths You promised me new hope Setting her free among these clouds Giving her...Read On


I still remember you How you loved your family Keeping us together Simply living Tending the fields While paving the way Giving your girls life Showing them a better way A lover of cake And chocolate milk The way you gave hugs Like a warm quilt I remember the way I'd get When you'd visit Excitement so heavenly I can still feel it I miss your house So full of pictures Always...Read On

Reaching The End

How does one know when it’s time to face eternity.  Do you feel a tug deep within your soul. Is there a feeling that reaches beyond sensitivity. That tells you, that you’ve reach the end of the road.   Will the angels sing your heartbeats song.  Tugging at every nerve within. Brightly letting your soul shine past the fog. As your heart  feels it’s own end.   Do you see the world...Read On

Remember Me

When your mind gets clouded With the doubts of yesterday Surrounded with your fears Remember me As the sands in this storm Cloud your judgement Taking away your will Remember me As you reach for your silencer Located in the emptiness Drowning your pain Remember me Look beneath the dirt Located out of place Is the tiniest of flowers Taking you to me Hear my voice calling you ...Read On

Seasons Beauty

In the land of many seasons  A frog leaps upon his throne  Reaching for his dew drop binoculars  He spies at lovers by his home  In the gleamy colors of spring  He witnesses a prince on bended knees With eyes so full of dreaming  He remembers when at first they preened  It was a hot and humid summer  One where you feared to burn  He remembered lovers murmurs  That’s when things began to turn ...Read On

Silly Little Butterflies

Butterflies fluttering deep within They seem to be high Smoking on loves sweetness Making my heart sigh Silly little wings tickle Making me smile How can such creatures Make me sing out I love you! I love you! I don't know why But I love you! Place your hand in mine Dance with me Feel my silly friends Setting my heart free Caress my cheek once more While I fly high Enjoying this moment...Read On

Simply Put

Simply Put...

I'm in love with life The fresh air in my face Learning to strive With dignity and grace I'm in love with him My true soul mate My husband, my friend My forever date I'm in love with her Her smile and laughter My blessing from within My answered prayer In time I've learned We can rush into mistakes So I stopped and waited On prayer and fate I've realized just in time I'm truly blessed...Read On

Stop The Hate

There's no excuse for bullying of any kind ....

It's time to stop Move on Forgive Then forget No one deserves Pain Torture Nor to be bullied In the end Who wins All loses All will hurt Who will remember The bully Asshole The lying bitch No one will You tried to take me down Ruin my life But you lost You hurt Not me I have grown Moved on Found love Live in bliss I am thankful For you And...Read On

The Queens Ladybugs

Ladybugs flying about Chasing the queen butterfly Giggles pours from their mouth While soaring through the sky Dodging the colonel dragonfly Seeing him storming around He likes order in his house No playing for the proud Loving the air and feeling free Knowing no pains or heartache Wanting to talk to the queen To find a spot in her domain Little princesses in training Showing off...Read On

The Rabbit Hole

She climbs out of her dark chamber  Searching for warmth and light Tired of the cold and darkness  Ready for a brand new sight    Inching her way onwards Determined to find freedom  She sheds her old skins  Yet remembers where she’s from    Facing the days and nights alone  Fearing only herself again  Will she continue to conquer her mountains  Or has she finally reached hell’s...Read On

To Taste What I Feel

To feel your love in the form of a flower To smell your voice in the form of a song To know everything about your nothing To learn its right even if we're wrong To taste your kiss with your fingers To see your desire from your breath To find all your hidden secrets To conquer loves impossible tests To feel your happiness caressing me To smell your aura radiating your heat To know...Read On

True Love

Darkness so dense and strong Pulls me down Taking my life Holding me captive Never ceasing Wanting my forever Holding me Drowning your voice You see me there Hiding from life Forcing laughter Pretending to be happy Not fooling you You reach out Fighting the darkness Determined I see your hand Not trusting So I stay In my comfort Smothered by darkness Laughing Smiling ...Read On

Will Anyone Care

As she walks to the mirror  She looks down  Not gazing at herself  Hiding from the truth within    Afraid to face what is there  Not needing a reminder  Of the touches  Nor the feeling of his breath   The smell of his cologne lingers  From the night of regret  Feelings of confusion  Was it her fault after all    Did she give the wrong impression  Was she dressed too revealing ...Read On

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Learn to enjoy the life you lead

      Chaos strikes without a warning Decisions made were silently storming Lost house, car, and job in a single morning So I cast my bootstraps on without glee Time to prove I'm still alive, still me Discovering myself on a rebuilding spree And this is the home I've made, for better or worse Have I set myself free or cast my own curse I became full of joy and endless wonder She was...Read On