Gone Too Soon

My beautiful mother who I lost when I was 17

You were taken when I was far too young Left to learn life without you, what was I to become I grew up scared and misguided Our family was fractured, forever divided I didn't appreciate you while you were here I should have held our time together, close to me dear Instead I was selfish, hateful and mean No longer your sweet daughter, an unruly teen Time doesn't heal all or erase...Read On



You don't understand me? Join the crowd I seem to confuse people When I speak out loud My thoughts are pretty clear to me How can they make no sense Trying to get the right words out Usually causes someone offense You will never get me I'm not like you You think you know me You have no goddamn clue Discarded because I don't fit in some mold This constant rejection is getting quite...Read On


You Didn't Love Me

We never met face to face but I knew right from the start For whatever reason you'd have a place in my heart I can't explain it, words can't describe How you made me feel way down deep inside Your words were lies, said without meaning Your motives unclear, left me needing It's hard to believe that our paths crossed for a reason When in the end you left me bleeding It's cruel fate...Read On