Dangerous Rhyme - Chapter One

Cerise is starting over in a new city after a tragic past, and finds more than she expected.

Cerise Adams stood in front of the worn mirror that was leaning against the wall of her room, staring at the clothes that she wore. It was a pair of black shorts and a bright red tee shirt that boasted the name of her uncle's bar in Portland, and it was her new job. Frank's. It was simple and the name of his father, who had run it before her uncle Mike. Mike had turned it into more of a...Read On


Dangerous Rhyme - Chapter Two

Cerise is starting over in a new city after a tragic past, and finds more than she expected.

Cerise rode home quietly that night, and Mike glanced at her. "You OK?" "Yeah. Tired," Cerise replied, and looked forward. It had been an odd night. Some of the customers had come on a little strong, and so had the singer. Yet at the same time, Cerise had felt something come back to life inside of her. She was not certain why, but it gave her hope. She stared out of the window as they...Read On



Loving You

I love you

You brightened my dark sky with your starlight...the light that shone in your eyes Taking me to new heights as I lost myself in their depth warming my cold skin with the gentle stroke of your hand pulling me into your warm embrace as you promised me it would all be okay How can I feel this way that I feel? I get so lost in your eyes craving the fire that I find in your lips ...Read On


Missing You

I will never see you again...

I will never forget the message that plays over inside my mind The one asking me to call you To help you with something that night I was selfish and I pushed it aside thinking I had some more time I learned the next day that time can be ripped away When I learned that you were gone Not just from my heart, or from my soul But from life in every way I shut down when I heard And...Read On

Romance (1)



Lissa's life changes when she sees him in the art gallery

Lissa Morgan walked along the busy street in New York city, talking on her cell as she kept an eye on the overcast sky. It was just mid September, but the rain had been threatening the residents for a week now and had not fully released itself. Her honey coloured hair had soaked up the moisture in the air and was loose and curly around her shoulders as she tried to toss is unsuccessfully over...Read On