Flash Fiction(2)


Eternal Blogger (chapter one)

Day 64: Shedding my skin and fucking crawling out of it. I can’t hack this place any more, I long for grass. Burn these buildings and walls and grow grass, and then the naughty grass. So we can all get high as the sky and not give a fuck who falls to the ground. Not give a fuck if I fall to the ground. I won’t. There is no meaning any more, no light at the end of the dank tunnel, no...Read On


Eternal Blogger (chapter two)

Day 67: Lying around pitying myself. The heating in this place is ridiculous, I’m either producing icicles or I’m peeling all my skin off in a bid to stop sweating all the water out of my body. I’ve noticed a recurring theme in my blogs: the notion of ripping my skin off. I’m not into all that, I swear. “Over-active imagination”. That’s what my mum told our neighbours when I ran out of...Read On

Romance (1)


The Language of Love

Celebrating moving on and finding yourself.

You need not know my age, my name and you need not know where I come from. You should, however, be familiar with my brief account. The briefest would read; I fell in love. However, that would not express wholly the intense passion which I fell captive to in the year of ‘99. In a charming café, miles away from home, I effortlessly recall each moment I spent with Dakota Roe. Not one wasted....Read On