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My name is Jim.

I am slowly approaching the retirement age but still have quite a few good years left in me.

I enjoy reading all kinds of stories. It is a great break from all the technical manuals I usually have to read. My wife and I have 7 kids.

I also enjoy writing all kinds of stories. I have written several already. Some will seem very plain and boring, but others will be quite spicy. Hopefully everyone will enjoy them either way.

All my stories are fiction, so please don't read something into them that is not there.

I am also in the middle of writing a Science Fiction Novel that I hope to publish someday soon. It is my second attempt at writing the same one. I had to start over after losing all my files during a move years ago.

If you want to be friends just ask. I will add you even if I haven’t read your stuff yet. If you just want someone to read your stuff, send it over. I like all kinds of different stories.

I am not into the chat rooms at all.

I will message back and forth with you when I can. I am not always on here since running several companies takes up most of my time with the rest going to the family. Doesn't leave much for here but I will try.

Oh and for anyone that is wondering about my profile pic. I just have a warped sense of humor.

I posted that because I can't put a pic of myself on here since I own several companies and would be recognized.

Plus what a great country for us to live in to have access to a site like this.

Jim Willhavefun
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Florida, Florida, United States
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02 Aug 2021 04:43
Lots of interests. Computers, programming, hunting, shooting, building things, spending time with the wife and kids, motorcycles.
Favorite Books:
Love Science Fiction of any kind. Love history and war novels. DO NOT like romance novels because they are just way too fake.

My all-time favorite book is Time Storm by Gordon R. Dickson. I have read this book at least 10 times since I was 9yrs old.
Favorite Authors:
Isaac Asimov, James Blaylock, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Arthur C. Clarke, Gordon R. Dickson, Frank Herbert, L. Ron Hubbard, Rudyard Kipling, David Langford, Jack London, Raymond A. Palmer, Frederik Pohl, James H. Schmitz, Jack Vance, Jules Verne, Howard Waldrop, H. G. Wells
Favorite Movies:
I like foreign films and of course Sci-FI.
Favourite TV Shows:
Of course Dr. Who., Stargate or any of the Stargate series, Star Trek and all of the spin-offs, Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza, Charlie's Angels, The Cosby Show, The Dukes Of Hazzard, The Facts Of Life, Family Ties, Get Smart, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., The Honeymooners, House, I Love Lucy, Married... With Children
Favorite Music:
All music. I have listened to everything from classical to hard rock and acid rock to rap and country. I really don't have any I don't like just some of it is getting too trashy like most of the newer rap stuff.


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27 May 2018
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11 May 2020 (447 days ago)
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Topic: Winners of the Stories Space Dirty Martini 420 Competition
Posted: 13 Oct 2018 08:38

Congrats to all the winners. Also a big congrats to all the writers as well for putting their own special touch on this competition. Everyone did a great job. Look forward to the next competition.

Topic: Announcing the Stories Space Dirty Martini 420 Contest!
Posted: 01 Oct 2018 18:42

Just had a thought about the award of the winner of DirtyMartini badge. I wonder if it would make more sense to break this up by Poetry and Story. Meaning, have one for each. Poems and Stories are two different things after all.

Maybe call one the DirtyMartini Poem badge and one the DirtyMartini Story badge. Since Alan wrote in both and the comp started out as a story competition. Just a thought.

There some great poems entered into this comp as well but they could still receive the Story badge and that would leave the Poem badge for another comp maybe. There are so many great poets on here, I am sure the comp would be flooded with poems.

Topic: Favorite story lines
Posted: 28 Sep 2018 18:26

I like Sci-Fi and humor.

Topic: Last 2 Letters
Posted: 26 Sep 2018 17:56


Topic: Last 2 Letters
Posted: 26 Sep 2018 15:01


Topic: Last 2 Letters
Posted: 26 Sep 2018 14:29


Topic: What is your favorite season, and why?
Posted: 25 Sep 2018 16:38

I love the summer. I am not a cold weather person. I lived in the cold and snow for many years in New Jersey and PA and all over the north. I want nothing but warm weather from now on.

Topic: Announcing the Stories Space Dirty Martini 420 Contest!
Posted: 23 Sep 2018 20:50

So I tried a story in the comp. Went a little different direction. I know Alan had a great sense of humor so I tried to use mine as best as I could. Hopefully, everyone will like it as well.


Topic: Want votes? Make comments.
Posted: 20 Sep 2018 20:36

I try to always leave a comment on a story I read. If i want to say a small criticism or even offer a word of advice, I always go private with that. I have been known to help new writers get their first stories published and help them write it or polish it up for the mods. Being nice and helpful doesn't take any energy and I have made some great new friends from doing things this way.

Topic: Picture that Number
Posted: 13 Aug 2018 14:40


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You Are So

You are so ageless You are so beautiful You are so spirited You are so charming   You are so sensual You are so inviting You are so gorgeous You are so alluring   You are so strong You are so independent You are so everything You are so scary   You are so wanted You are so desired You are so needed You are so lusted   You are so many things You are so God’s gift You are...

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Silly Me

Dirty Martini 420 Competition • No entry fee • All entries must be new, original work • One entry per person • Limit 420 words • Category must be Micro Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry or Songs • Tags must include the word 'whatever' • Submission must include the number 420 in some form (time, date, distance, weight, temperature, length, or whatever) AND one item from EACH of the following...

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I dream of a city where everyone are neighbors Knowing helping each other isn’t wrong And there is no race or color Where old ladies can feel safe and sound   I dream of a state that works as one Taxing people fairly and giving back what isn’t theirs Helping the poor man to find work and feeding the destitute While not lining their pockets with the sweat of everyone's back   I dream...

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Birthdays Suck

Birthdays come and go ever so quickly now I sit and ponder my age And wonder when I will be under the plow   Every year I dread the day I can’t believe its here again I am thrilled knowing it is not here to stay   Why do we have to have a day to remember our birth I never asked to be here anyway Can’t we skip over the memory of giving our mothers girth   I am sure our moms...

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We Are Kandiskis - Chapter 1

“Oh, what the hell? What the freak just happened and why does it feel like I just got ran over by a bus?” saying out loud and holding my head trying hard to open my eyes and sit up. After what seemed like several minutes but was only seconds, my eyes opened and adjusted to the light. Not quite able to sit up yet, I lay on my back holding my head and try to look around. Something didn’t...

Added 01 Jun 2018 | Category Science Fiction | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 1,282 | 5 Comments

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Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
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