An oldie but I thought I should add something while joining here

I wish I was an artist With paint to capture you Then I might possess Minds Eye's crystal view It can't be done in camera Sharp perfected defective image No, requires vision Deft touches, false angles, muted hues I see you coying tempting Upon a divan not of our rooms Perchance for another Only you can choose Imagery drips in mixing colors New colors burst forth failing quickly ...Read On



I dreamed of elephants Stately protectors upon them Trampling all of lesser ilk. And who should they ride to? What jewel drives them? Do they care the name? Majesty and mystery Loneliness and sadness Of both sides in my vision. In daylight I find my fears Crashing upon me like those terrible legs Crush as they try, it's no avail. Too late, too late What remains has dried and shrunk Dark...Read On



I thought I saw you today Walking away from me in an empty street I ran to catch you but turned the corner and you were gone I searched and called out your name Seeing you in a window pane I rapped the glass but you only stared Then I noticed the reflection passing behind me Turning to chase after the one I love I was about to take hold of her shoulder when she spun around It wasn't you and...Read On



I've had two swans in my life; I threw enough stones they flew away. (Also written some time ago)

I saw a single swan today Swimming alone upon a pond I always thought they traveled in pairs That's how I've always seen them before. She seemed so regal Even on her own Her neck curled, beak forward But I sensed a sadness of her swim without her mate. Searching the pond for another stray Wondering if she was in flight Upon a nest Surely such beautiful lovers cannot suffer tiffs. My...Read On