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Waking up feels very strange, I can hardly tell anymore what is right and what is wrong. I am thankful for this surge of change in the most indescribable way. We really do create our own realities...So I will start with creating strength and the power to take the risks that best suits my needs, not the needs of someone else that I would have once latched myself on 2..But what is best for me and what I desire to create, and that is just fine

17 May 2013 23:07

Feeling a little disgruntled today, I would prefer hiding in my bed, but I don't know damn well I'm going to get antsy and complain that I'm bored. I am bored with PLENTY to do..Where does the frustration lie? In the land of Joanée says that everything is perfect so she doesn't need to practice..That is til I get in front of the mic on my studio session in a few weeks and reality hits that I failed to practice due to a unrealistic state of mind believing that things just pop out of thin air..I know opportunities magically come about sure, its still up to me to make the initiative to put it into action. Sometimes I think I fail to put things into action b/c I wanna keep everything to myself lol..Is what I do going to be good enough? Gosh I'm beyond ill with everything needing to be so perfect added on to the fact that I don't like to practice shit..Well, I don't mind it, its just those first few steps that are uncomfortable...and then its on I think I will stop there

15 May 2013 20:54

What did I learn today? To appreciate everyone in my life right now for exactly who they are

25 Mar 2013 00:27