Spiders Web

Caught in your spiders web!

Entangled within Your spiders web No Escape Entranced by your eyes Consuming my Lost Innocence Writhing upon my bare skin The succubus of your Naked body Your lips close to my own Stealing my last Breathe You caught me Both heart and soul Forever yours  ...Read On


Angel of Mercy

One man's shame leads him to be pulled from an Angels grasp and sent down to Hell.

When I look in the mirror what do I see... A face of ugliness, a freak staring back at me... I ain't pretty, or handsome, or anything special to look at... I hide away my face, my body because I look like that... When I look at myself, I see what you all see... A freak of nature, unlike the perfection I should be... God made me different, for people to laugh and stare... As some look at me, as...Read On


Breaking Free

Only someone so special can free me from my own locked mind of madness!

I felt locked away, in a room with no windows, no door, no escape Pounding upon the padded walls, silent echoes of my screams Rainbow drops of tears sliding down my cheek, splashing upon the cold hard concrete floor Weary eyes drowning the sorrows of pain into darkness of sleep each night Lost in my own mind, of mazes and unforgiving torture of my own mistakes Until that crack that...Read On



I feel like a Dali painting, warped by your imagination ...

I feel like a Dali painting my image warped by your own imagination Imperfection of this body desecrated with scars crafted by your own torturous mind Time melting winding back to forgotten days words spoken and virtual hugs we shared Memories soon fade like forging fire into ash which you silently blow away What once we had has slowly disappeared of a friendship separated by oceans wide...Read On


Dark Angel of Death

You created this Dark Angel of Death ...

Like a fool I was taken in by your tenderness believing your sweet words of unforgiving lies This jester's outfit I now wear in shame belittled by your charms beaten by your evil mind Tears spread like oceans waves of emotions crashing inside my body making me think bad things Your words of hatred spread invisible marks upon this demonic skin I wear Shaming me of the man I see in the...Read On


Dear God!

A letter in a bottle, thrown in the ocean in hope God finds it to help me find love.

Dear God Is it too much to ask for companionship in this life As I walk this path of loneliness you dealt for me While you look down from above Someone to hold my hand, kiss my lips To smile and assure me compassion To show me the meaning of love With every beat of my fluttering heart With your own hands you created this imperfection This monstrosity I see everyday in the mirror Eyes that...Read On



What is friendship?

What is Friendship, But a simple word, Being Friends with one another, So you can be heard! Friends shouldn't lie, Cheat or abuse you, What they should do, Is simply...Read On


Medusa Of Dance

Captivated by her movement, worshiping this Medusa of dance before me.

Like many others before Her dancing mesmerized me Left comatose by the way she moved Floating across the floor like an Angel Captivated by her swaying hips The music soothing my soul Becoming dazed in an induced trance Each shake a drum to the beat of my heart Her beauty was matched by her eyes Enticing men to worship at her feet Turning them to stone with just one look This Medusa of...Read On



Rising from the ashes, he shall rise to bring pain ...

Like a waterfall crashing down a never-ending stream of tears a hollowed chest where once a heart beat stood hangs a vacated sign love is all he sought someone to hold him tell him all will be alright a woman of any description to speak tender words an angel wings so black cold running through his veins now voices whisper within his broken mind such bad words crimson seeps from wounds...Read On


Piece of String

Friendship is like a piece of string ...

Friendship is like a piece of string There's a beginning, middle, and end to it It starts with a smile, then loving hugs of sweet words Slowly drifting towards a deep sadness of goodbyes Tears that fall from betrayal, or something simple like silence Forcing you to sever all ties with the other If only for your own sanity and well-being To cut the string in two, clutching one piece as a...Read On



A betrayal that leads one man upon a journey of forgiveness to a special place!

The story you are about to read contains mature content that some may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to this content.    I wonder often, what do you all think of me To suffer in pain, many would agree I have fought back tears, crying for endless days Looking out into the wonder, as I sit and gaze All those words...Read On


Saving A Soul!

Saving an Angel is my greatest reward in death!

This poem was written several years ago now, when I was in a deeper, dark place and I think expressed much of my feelings at the time about loneliness, my disability and how people looked upon me. Sometimes I wonder, why I look how I do? Why God created me, so I could suffer what I go through? The pain, the suffering, the feeling of being hated, By all you people just for being created. ...Read On



A short poem about how silence can be so hard to live with.

The silence is what I hear every day Unbroken sounds of whispers being heard from a distance Voices of those I long to hear, yet are always so far away A sound, a smash, or even a hello from a stranger to make the pain go away Yet each day returns to the beginning Like a never ending circle of unforgiving torment  ...Read On



I await your return ..

Like a foolish little schoolboy Smitten by his first love I find myself waiting each day In the hope, I'd hear from you But you're never there Except in my lonely head Strange voices that whisper to me Telling me bad things My heart feels emptiness On those long, lonely nights Without hearing from you I believe you have forgotten me Just to hear from you Brings a smile upon these lips...Read On


Sweet Goodbyes

A short poem about saying goodbye to a pet, whose been a big part of your life.

I cried that day, as you passed away In my arms, where you did lay The warmth of your body, on those long cold nights The feel of your love, as we cuddled up tight You were my love, my hope, always there for me And I was there for you when you'd want me to be That sadness in your eyes, as you close them tight I whisper to you, your final goodnight Hugs, words, nothing will ease this pain...Read On


The Fool

In search of friendship, i'm always the fool by my caring nature upon others ...

I'm tired of being made a fool of those silent nights making my mind think terrible words a friendship blossoming but just like the flowers that grow with water it all withers and dies in the end words once spoken of opening oneself to a brave new world of someone's life blackened by the darkness encountered saying hello is hard for someone like me to master such bravery goodbyes are...Read On


The Portrait

Your face is like a portrait, hanging on my wall!

Your face is captured like a painting Hanging upon my wall To admire the true beauty you possess That stole my beating heart Each vivid color seeps into others Creating a new design of wondrous expression Brushstrokes that wash across your soft pink skin Eyes that draw you in, no matter where you stand Those sweet ruby lips so finely drawn Glistening of the soft kisses we once enjoyed...Read On


The Smiling Mask

This mask I wear, hides the truth of what lays beneath.

This smiling mask I wear Upon my face for you all to see Hides the anguish beneath And the swelling tears in my eyes When I look in the mirror It's not the one you see before you But the real face beneath And that truly scares me The harsh cold that surrounds me Of loneliness and that sense of fear Fills my mind with bad thoughts Of pain and suffering I've endured This path I find...Read On



This strange feeling that I can't shake ...

This strange feeling inside It's so hard to explain Turmoil and torment Making my head spin Despite my compassion and honesty Trying hard to make others feel good about themselves I often retreat to my lonely pathetic world I live in With a sense of shame and tears swelling from my eyes Violently wanting to throw up To escape this sense of loneliness Seeking comfort and friendship from...Read On


Voices In My Head

The voices in my head torture me!

I hear the voices in my head They speak to me, wishing me dead A gun, a knife, or even some rope Because this life I live, is growing hard to cope Pain and suffering, torture and guilt Crimson tears, that I have spilt Waterfalls falling, from within my eyes Of wishes to be different, a human disguise They scream at me, voices so loud Impossible to hear my own, from inside the crowd Man,...Read On