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Topic Winners of the Stories Space Dirty Martini 420 Competition
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:36

On the road these past weeks I found the time to recognize and appreciate the outstanding work of Paperboy, as well as the living presentation of Welshdreamer42, and Ping's impossibly creative offering. In addition we had so many of outstandingly true worth that there had to be twelve, rather than ten, runners-up in this contest to salute and memorialize our own, still dancing and dreaming and reciting, our own Alan.

Will this be that long dreamt of and called for moment of coming together in sororal and fraternal fellowship and creation? Will all petty differences and inoffensive grudges be dusted off ones angry hands, wiped away from a distraught brow, be forgotten once for all. Will this be that time brought on by loving creativity and uplift presented to our own private godlings and individual godlets.

Shall we play some blues to release and respond with empathy and understanding, if only we may, if only. We may.

We traveled down the road of competition to completion and, at last, remembrance. Can We GET a WITNESS??

Haven't we, as members for so long and through so much, done enough to earn each other's respect and civil understanding that we might continue this modest experiment in friendship and reciprocity. May it be so.

Keep on reading, and writing, and posting, and talking, and joking, and creating in whatever way you may.

It will be grand, brilliant, dope, ours. Our own site of friendly creation.

I trust it will be done when the presentation of the winnings is complete. angel7

Beautiful sentiments, Larry. I had a blast writing for this contest and reading the submissions. There were so many inspiring, fun, and humorous entries.

I'm happy to be here. I hope your words will be made so.

Topic Actors and their movies
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:32

Yes Man

Jim Carrey

Topic This or That
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:30

Hot Tea

Mexican food or Chinese food

Topic Name a movie that you have watched at least 5 times and are still entertained by.
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:28

Home Alone 1 and 2
Jurassic Park
The Dark Knight
Trick 'r Treat
Blade Runner 2049

Topic What Nice Thing Did You Do Today?
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:26

Started some tortilla soup in the slow cooker. I'm having some friends over later tonight. icon_smile

Topic Use One Word to Describe How You're Feeling
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:25


Topic Would you rather?
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:24

Classic sports car. Probably a Shelby Cobra.

WYR live by the beach or live in the mountains?

Topic the end is the beginning
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:21

Yes - Slinking

Topic Ban the user above!
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:21

Banned for being mischievous. :-"

Topic I am
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:17

I am relaxed.

Topic Change One Letter
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:17

Slab - Slap

Topic Drop Letter - Add Letter
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:16

Piles - Smile

Topic Last 2 Letters
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Topic Word Association Game
Posted 28 Oct 2018 14:14

Line - interference

Topic What are you reading at the moment?
Posted 22 Oct 2018 15:15

I read about 2/3 of World War Z back when it first came out. Not a huge fan of the carnivorous zombie genre but Brooks did a decent job of it. Forget why I didn't finish. Possibly life interrupted.

I've been dancing around books recently, but the one I am definitely going to finish is The Flame, Leonard Cohen's final collection. It includes poems, sketches, selections from his notebooks and some other bits and bobs. The book was planned before his death and Cohen had basically finished a lot of the work of selecting items and had even arranged the poetry section but died before it was finished so a pair of editors and his son Adam finished the work.

If you ever do return to it, consider checking out the audio book. Since there are so many characters, it's read by a really awesome cast: Nathan Fillion, Jeri Ryan, Mark Hamill, Simon Pegg, and more.

Topic What are you reading at the moment?
Posted 22 Oct 2018 01:35

Rereading "World War Z" by Max Brooks. Love the book but hated the movie adaptation.

LOVED this book. Loved that it was an oral history, so they were just telling the story. Yes, the movie was awful, and threw away everything good about the book.

About to finish Megan Abbot's Give Me Your Hand. Suburban noir. Excellent thriller about two women and a shared secret (or two).

I also loved this book. The scale of it is pretty incredible. I really liked how he showed the perspective from many different countries and that it covered so many facets of life that would be affected by a zombie outbreak.

I thought the movie was OK, maybe a 6/10. I just wish they would have called it anything else because it's not an adaptation of the book.

Apparently, they are making a sequel with David Fincher attached to direct. I'll believe it when I see a trailer, but that has the potential of being really cool. His movies are typically awesome.

I really wish HBO or Netflix would pick up the book rights and make a 10 episode miniseries that's a proper book adaptation.


I've never read Megan Abbot, but I like a good thriller. That's what I usually go to for airport or beach reading.

I just started Horns by Joe Hill. I really liked the movie, but I wish I had read the book first.

I might read Sharp Objects next, but I kinda want to re-read the Haunting of Hill House before I start the show.

Topic Winners of the Stories Space Dirty Martini 420 Competition
Posted 14 Oct 2018 20:39

This was a ton of fun. Congrats to the top 12, especially Paperboy, Welsh Dreamer, and Ping. I hope there are more contests to come.

Topic Announcing the Stories Space Dirty Martini 420 Contest!
Posted 23 Sep 2018 17:10

Welcome to the blue Julie... and thank you for joining in our humble attempt to honor a mentor and friend. You will find some friendly and helpful members here. Many of us have come over from the red. I hope you find this place a home and look forward to more of your work.

Thanks for the warm welcome and for checking out my story. I'm just happy to be a part of this tribute in my own small way. I've really enjoyed this very unique contest and learning about Alan. Seeing the way he has touched so many people here has been a unique and uplifting experience.

To be honest, I'm completely unsure how I will end up splitting my time between here and red. I like the smaller, more familial vibes I've gotten here so far, to be sure. I also enjoy that it's completely centered around writing and reading, which are where my interests lie, as opposed to the many other activities on red.

I'm kinda torn because I think that in some ways, I definitely fit in better here. On the other hand, I do really enjoy writing erotic things, but the purely erotic is rarely the impetus for me to write something. I will likely end up doing both, as so many others have done. It just seems like it would be more rewarding to spend the majority of time and effort writing, reading, and befriending in one community as opposed to two (although there is quite of bit of overlap, it seems).

A few people have expressed to me that they wish traffic here would pick up, and I'm hoping to be a part of some resurgent activity here. It seems like one of those cyclical things where blue is less popular because there is less traffic, but those who could boost traffic don't typically post much here because it's less popular. I very well may be making incorrect assumptions, but that's my impression.

Not trying to be blasé or nonchalant about it, but I tend to think out loud in blunt rambles and like sharing my thoughts on things. Those who aren't fans just tend to ignore me or correct me. icon_biggrin

Topic Announcing the Stories Space Dirty Martini 420 Contest!
Posted 22 Sep 2018 14:27

Hey everyone. I'm Julie. I came over from red and thought I would stop by and introduce myself. Smutty storytelling is secondary to my desire to become a better writer and share my ideas with like-minded people.

Many of my ideas are better suited to live here and after I heard about this contest in Rump's bar, I thought it would serve as a nice opportunity to make my way over.

I did not know Alan since I haven't been around either site very long. I did read a few of his stories and checked out his page. I love how it's been immortalized in his memory. He had a very unique and clear voice and I really enjoyed the handful of pieces I read. Birthday Party, his EP, was particularly fantastic and incredibly emotional.

It's awesome that you all decided on such a cool tribute in his memory. I'm honored to be a part of it in my own small way. I was unsure how to create something that was very specific, or special to him, so I came up with an idea that was a little bit different. I hope my entry is suitable and honors him while tying into the heart of the theme.

Given the amount of time and effort he put in as a mod here, I like to think that he would be pleased to see a few new faces and writers around here.