The Erotica Troll

If you listen carefully, you can hear them log on, as they exhibit a deep whimsical snicker.

Kandikizz51 is a writer and many of her poems and stories can be read online on various websites. Some of them can be read here on Erotica. Like many of the writers here, she has been pestered by a troll. This troll is always anonymous and tries to mimic a normal intelligent human being. If you were to look at him, he may seem to have a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin. However, do...Read On



“How Many Tears Will It Take”

Please God help me, and mend my broken heart!

I thought our love would be infinite past the end of time. I loved you with my whole being and that wasn’t enough. We tried and said; maybe we could do more next time. However, fate dealt us a losing hand and it was rough. I ask myself how may tears will it take before I forget. Your tender kiss and the way we made love to each other. I see your face in everything...Read On

A New Beginning

She let go of the past, and is ready to let love begin.

The first thing I'll do is pull you close and kiss you that day. As you look into my eyes, and tell me what you want to say. Your words of affection, from the heart, fall upon my ears. Whispered softly, knowing it’s just what I’ve long to hear. Our lips touch, while your fingers gently caressed my skin. You ignite a small flickering flame of passion deep within. You pulled me close;...Read On


How Do I

How do I let go of my past, start over, and learn to love and trust again?

How do I; love you without the insecurities and hurts from the past clouding my actions. How do I; stop comparing you to him? You love me totally and are a better man. How do I; believe what you say, do and speak, when my mind questions your actions. How do I; stop second-guessing everything I do, even my love for this man How do I; when I realize completely that you did nothing to hurt...Read On


I Love You

I love you darling and my whole being wants to be in your arms.

Your love encountered a wall that I had built around my heart. You slowly took one brick at a time down until your love filled me. I saw your love was true and love blossomed inside my heart. I trusted you and realized I love you just as much as you do me. Even though the miles separate us what is in our hearts is real. For me it is the first time that the love is unconditional and pure....Read On



What life's storm destroys, can and will be renewed.

Storm consumed Love vanished. Spirit destroyed. Hopes crushed Dreams shattered Desires Abandoned Heart wounded Emotions perplexed Friends comforted Support offered Refuge advocated Strength restored Dreams created Desires restored Heart mended Emotions repaired Storm stopped Love thrived Spirit sustained Hopes...Read On



I look at you, and ask, “When will this dream ever be fulfilled?”

Tonight, when you lay down to sleep I hope you dream about me. Now, close your eyes my darling, relax your body, mind and soul. Go to a place where lovers meet, look around, can you see me. I always dream of you, going to that place where only two can go. I’m there darling, looking for you, longing for this to be real. I reach out to you, our fingers touch, I feel it deep in my soul. Your...Read On

Romance (1)


The Golden Bow

Jennifer sat up in bed and greeted the morning with a smile. She glanced at the calendar, filled with pink X’s, on the wall next to the bed. She felt a special glow inside that made her tingle from head to toe, and today nothing would extinguish it. She then enthusiastically said, “I don’t believe it, my wedding day is finally here! “ Wiping a tear from the corner of her eye, she hummed the...Read On