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OKAY! I am officially back. To anyone who reads my stuff, Cat Lover is originally intended to be updated monthly. So like one story per month but for now I am catching up for the year 2017 since it started back in 2016.

The same will go for Suffer The Thorns and Wing's of the Wind. A chapter per month. After some careful planning, by January 2018 I will start updating on the two stories.

Other than that, thats my recent plans of action. Thank you.

17 Nov 2017 16:48

I know I am tardy but I am trying... at this point, Cat Lover is the only story that will be uploaded more often than the other stories... sorry!

27 Aug 2017 21:47

Also its my birthday! ~~~

08 May 2017 08:20

I owe 7 chapters for Cat Lover! So keep an eye out for the updates, Im catching up! :)

08 May 2017 08:19

last minute college assignments are almost finished then im free to write here n.n ~ Suffer The Thorns is like a big project to me even though its writing but I'm trying to be careful in how I present my stories. Cat Lover is like a fun romance I've been wanting to write about for a long time now, glad some people are enjoying it so far :p Have a good evening!

19 Dec 2016 17:01

Ah yes. Uploading chapters feels good for the soul :) sweetness!!! UPDATED Cat Lover, Suffer the Thorns is near its start. Wing's of the Wind might take even longer T-T sorry to those who read it!

13 Nov 2016 17:13

I've returned with a new notebook laptop! :) Hopefully I can keep up this time.

Suffer the Thorns is going to be rewritten.

Wing's of the Wind is in progress.

Cat Lover is more of short chapters and will most likely be updated a lot faster than the other two.

For anyone who pays attention to what I write :p Goodnight!

16 Oct 2016 00:59

Been a while for writing and I've come off track completely... I realised I was writing while my mind set was in a confused state so I brought one of my projects to a weird direction. Suffer the Thorns is going to be re-written. If there is anyone who likes where I was going with this, sorry about that. I have a goal to achieve with this series and Im afraid I have to re-write and start all over again.

12 Mar 2016 19:31

12 Nov 2015 04:57

Chapter 5 for Suffer The Thorns is currently in the works. . . I seriously need an editor of some sort. . .

16 Oct 2015 18:33

Things are slowly coming along for anyone who reads and follows what I write. Thanks for sticking around my slow time. . .

16 Oct 2015 13:09

AND its posted! Hoping to get back into my stories, I dont have an editor or anyone to proof read it so Im doing my best at what I am able to do.

30 Sep 2015 17:51

Well my chapter 3 is having a hard time submitting... but its coming

24 Sep 2015 08:40

23 Jul 2015 17:12

BLAH. . . getting back into writing is hard plus my editing skills suck big time...

14 Jul 2015 05:13

This year seems to be full of bad luck and tragedy... Another death has struck my family and friends once again. I am trying to write as much as I can in a time like this and apologize for the wait of the next chapters to my stories. Again please bare with me and hopefully soon I'll be posting again.

09 Jun 2015 21:57

For some who read my stories Ive been going through some recent deaths and itll be a while for me to upload more. Please bare with me

11 Apr 2015 16:55

01 Apr 2015 12:20

AMV's are also what I like to create

01 Apr 2015 12:19

I like to do the free-style writing... Not aiming to be the best but for now its how I am able to get these wonderful stories out of my head. My fear is to die without showing everyone my creations or half shown and not finished...

01 Apr 2015 10:54

oh dear... Did not see this coming from my writing...

27 Mar 2015 09:14

Wishing this site a spot for short stories :/

24 Mar 2015 22:13

Thinking about what to write...

23 Aug 2014 20:55