Wing's of the Wind

Enduring life without wings along with a dragon for a companion, the adventure takes flight!

Prologue - How We Met The story I am telling you is unique and rare, one someone is sure to remember and pass down for the future. It is a tale of two partners in flight. My name is Vix and I am a halfbreed of winged demons and humans. A very odd combination if you ask me, however my parents weren't the type to have a care in the world when it came down to love. No one could separate the...Read On


Wing's of the Wind - Chapter One

Wanted criminals and a young man arriving at the wrong time and place, meets Vix and Argo!

Chapter One - Look to the Skies “Have we managed to locate Vix?” a deep voice echoed from the shadows. “She slipped away from us… We are searching everywhere…” a soldier responded with vibrated fear in his voice. “Not good enough, soldier!” the soldier winced from the sudden roar. “U-understandable…” the soldier spoke in a low breath. “No chances after this…” The deep voice had...Read On

Flash Fiction(4)


Cat Lover: Prologue

How far can a person go to be a Cat Lover?

The apartment door was unlocked and opened by a young woman, her movements hurried as she tried to knock off her flats one foot at a time while both of her arms were occupied with a jacket. She closed the door with her hips before placing the jacket on her couch in the living room. The girl seemed to be in a panic, but it wasn't clear exactly why. For a moment, all that could be heard...Read On


Lovely Dreams

Dreams are never accurate but leave you with feeling...

I keep dreaming of you, I don't know what that means... I do know that I felt an attraction, So dim but pulled me like an anchor in the sea... The eyes created a path, I didn't dare to travel it. Reality always pulled me back in, Never could I always be stuck in LA LA land, It's like these images were made of events never to happen, Even though you weren't on my mind... ...Read On



One day I decided to take a walk alone. My trails led me towards the river bank and the scenery was beautiful. The tall grass and the movement of the river looked as if they were painted gold from the sunset. My heart was melted at the sight... But what was I to do with such a gift? For now I do not dare tell a soul. Suddenly branches had been snapped nearby, birds flew so fast into the sky....Read On


A Close Encounter

It was one sudden moment... Felt like forever. I forgot why we decided to hide away from the public, or at least away from those who knew us. Did we even know each other well enough? Could I even trust a young man with such closure... In a swift movement, the two of us came close towards each other. Suddenly our eyes could see deeper than the shell we see from afar. Felt like our...Read On

Micro Fiction(2)


Cat Lover: Meet Jynx

A young man cursed of what woman love; cats.

Mill recently returned from her morning classes back to her apartment. Earlier she attempted to buy some type of cat food that both felines and people could eat. Is that even possible? Sure there are the types of fur-ball's who enjoy an outside garbage meal but there was a particular reason of why Mill needed to know this... Opening her front door, a dish bowl had been flung out towards...Read On


A Sudden Notice

What if one small encounter DID count so much?

In complete shadow, I saw her light reflection stabbing into my affection. No I did not smile. I did not have a shameful expression of joy either. I just could not look away from her aura. The answer to my problem seemed I could only be rid of her image if I became blind. It was mesmerizing. I did want to know what it would be like to touch something delicate and fragile. She seemed petite....Read On



A Cold Heart

That flesh which may stand between us is the only barrier I need, To what extent should I consider you in my thoughts? Why should I even look at your mere existence? It's as if you had assumed I had "feelings" for you... Realise you are only an object in the corner of my eye, To fear my presence will only show how powerful I am, Flinch at my will, Cringe by my tone, Hate my...Read On


A Love of Poison

In the dark of your shadow, I don't give you my direct glance. Its better this way. Should I dare hope you look my way? The fear and anxiety I feel, is my curse I caused myself. To not be heard or seen is as painful to the sin in my heart. Don't look my way. Don't hear me. Do not even think of my existence. There will be no day on earth you and I shall...Read On


The Vow In Blood

That twist of a dark fate, Bestowed upon us both, Who's to say we ever see the light in the dark? Our fate will spiral, Downward into the black mist, Tangled with each other, Bodies entwined, Desires expressed in an everlasting thirst. No words spoken, No need of affection, We need only to feel... Drunk in our bliss, Amongst each other, Blinded by one another, ...Read On

Romance (5)


Cat Lover: Gratitude or a Shade of Red?

His appearance raises a lot of questions, but what about him staying in her home?

With not much to do inside a building, Jynx would lay outside on the balcony and soak up the warmth of the sun while in the physical form of a cat. Hearing the click of the door knob from inside her apartment his head bobbed up to look. Turns out Mill just got home and slouched herself onto the living room couch. "Such bad timing..." he spoke before stretching out his feline body then...Read On


Cat Lover: Hot Chocolate for the Soul

Relaxed and relieved in time for a casual conversation.

The first semester is over! Mill celebrated at home with a hot chocolate that eventually became a warm temperature. Student life was ridiculous living on your own, luckily the government's monthly funding allowances came in handy for small achievements even Jynx received a hot chocolate. The atmosphere of giving lurked about in the air everywhere. "Holidays coming in soon..." Jynx...Read On


Cat Lover: That New Year's Scent?

New Years Eve but there's apparently something different about Mill?

New Years Eve is the well known evening of massive parties happening anywhere in the world. From a group of classmates, Mill had been invited out to a party in celebrating the coming new year. Jynx as her "designated sober buddy" kept watch over her well being the entire time. Mill was not much of a partier due to embarrassing herself by tripping over her own feet in previous occasions,...Read On


Cat Lover: The Gift of Friends?

On Christmas Eve, what is the perfect gift?

The atmosphere of Christmas Eve could be felt everywhere; Mill had been walking around downtown feeling frustrated. She could not figure out the perfect gift for Jynx. Extravagant or simple? Aside from the dilemma, she was home alone this morning to see a note placed on the fridge door: "Be back later! J" Seemed like the perfect time to find a gift at the last minute rush hours...Read On


Cat Lover: Tinge of Happiness

All worried, Mill can only see the grey until Jynx comes home with a surprise!

Finally, no classes for the weekend. Mill laid herself along the couch seat, reading a monthly magazine called 'Flow' that included editor letters of love advice and local concert information in downtown bars. Jynx wasn't home today. Explaining to her of needing his space, he would head out from time to time but return late at night. All Mill had to do was leave her bedroom window open....Read On