Of Sea Monsters and Pirates

At first glance Inverness may seem ordinary, but the city has more than one magical secret.

“No offence, the landscape is breath-taking and it’s a great place to study Marine Biology but it’s…Well, it’s just so…” I looked around the Ness River Islands, where I was sitting on a bench. “Quiet. Eerily so.” “That’s what you get from going to the highlands for what is supposed to be the prime of your youth,” my best friend’s speech was interrupted by someone else’s laugh. “Aleesha,...Read On



Race Against the Clock

Captain Khalilah’s first mission with her own crew turns into a scavenger hunt for a stolen molecula

“Captain, we located the distress signal,” the young woman in military uniform announced. “It’s coming from the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.” Captain Khalilah looked at the monitor in front of her. A map showed they were 332 miles from Edinburgh. With the highest possible speed it would take them about one hour and twenty minutes by airship from the Academy’s port here in London. With...Read On



The Dangers of Gardening

When people start dying of mysterious wounds the rumoured vampires aren’t the only danger in town.

It had happened again. A body had been found; a body which had been drained of blood through two puncture marks on the victim’s neck. Could this be the work of a vicious animal? There were no such animals in or around the small town of St Andrews, its inhabitants knew. Therefore, a new solution, a more plausible explanation to the problem was making its way around town,...Read On



City of the Dead

A sarcastic stone statue, a Victorian ghost and a humorous skeleton help solve the ultimate mystery.

City of the Dead “You look like a corpse.” Those were not nice words to hear upon waking up. I sat up and clutched my head. Ugh. Worst. Hangover. Ever. Now the biggest question of all: Was last night’s party worth it? “Don’t worry,” a voice with a Scottish accent chuckled. “The worst thing that could happen to anyone, is die and you have already done that, so you should...Read On


Revenge of the Ginger

An unexpected holiday, time travel and a cat. - A story from three different points of view

“What do you mean you haven’t seen my sister in two weeks?” Kim shouted. “She kept to herself the whole time,” the receptionist shrugged. “How was I supposed to know she went missing? She paid the room upfront. I don’t go snooping into my guests’ private business. This is a respectable –” She droned out the woman’s outraged tirade. Kim couldn’t explain her emotional outburst, either....Read On

Romance (1)


A Prophecy of Coconuts

Don’t you want to discover the mystery of the coconut?

Prophecies. What a ridiculous concept. I didn’t believe in them. Whenever they came up in stories I rolled my eyes and put the book aside. If you have a prophecy at the beginning of a story it always comes true. So what suspension is left to keep you reading? Of course, one never knows unless one finishes the story. Though oftentimes it’s for naught, ever so often you do stumble across...Read On

Science Fiction(1)


Love and Robots

This year the Jane Austen festival is a lot more...modern. Can a love story prevail...

“Those Brits are like totally weird,” a voice announced in an American accent. With an annoyed sigh, I pushed past the tourists. It was my own fault I chose to work in a café in the centre of Bath’s inner city. One would think I had gotten used to the crowds of tourists by now. The Americans stopped right in front of me, so I almost ran into them. I side-stepped them by walking on the...Read On