Erase You

Feedback is welcome. "Erase You" by Lydia Kiei Lynne (C) 2010 You said, abandonment, there was no chance. No chance of you leaving me, Said our souls had been bound since we were infants. But now I look around, and you're the one I don't see. I want to erase you From every part of me, Every inch of marked skin, Erasing what I thought was true. Erasing what I used to see, Erasing every...Read On



Why must I see myself this way? An infection waiting to spread The rope of sanity is frayed. Not a day goes by that I'm not filled with dread. It is not the surface pain It's what's underneath my skin That I hope will be washed with acid rain. I hold myself shut with a silver safety pin. I keep parts hidden from public view To keep from being exposed in light To keep from being hurt by you...Read On


No Chance in Hell

I thought you were more Than what others pretended to be You weren't there when I had to pour My emotions out for the world to see. What was so important that you Could not spare a call? Tell me the truth, I mean nothing to you at all. Your inaction results in losing me Should have marked me when you could I may have low esteem But I know I was a damn good person to you And I would never...Read On


The Little Demons...

Why must you linger in my heart and mind? Can you not just let me have peace? What you're doing to me isn't kind And it's bringing out my inner beast. What is it you want from me? I beg an answer from my demons inside. "For you to stop locking us away," they claw at my chest. Can I simply sweep you aside? Give you sanctuary to hide behind? "That's what leads to more suffering on your part,...Read On


True Image

Feared confirmation Running through veins A sad proclamation Steps forward to take the reins Backward assumptions, figures, facts, truth Wound especially deep Where they should not, where they were accused Of not having any. Uncaring world in another's mentality Not cruel intentioned But cruel intensity Made real by assumptions. Words unspoken to avoid The confrontation, to make others feel...Read On