Flash Fiction(6)


A whisper in time.



Christopher's Toil

his recent lack of human contact had done little to dispel the myth...

A gentle breeze rustled the leaves which had been scattered haphazardly around the secluded woodland cabin. The local druids knew that the spirits of the trees from which the leaves had been collected would wander the nearby environment to watch over their every fallen stipule and bract. Of course, the reason for enticing the tree spirits to this incidental vigil over the dwelling was to...Read On



Delusion. It exists, at least to some degree, before us all, shaping our perceptions to varying degrees, allowing one to hold so steadfast to a position which denies the humbling reality of honest introspection. Yet, it is through the apathy of others that such deceptions persist throughout, unchallenged for want of integrity or desire, knowledge or power, respect or honesty. And so, it...Read On

Recommended Read

The Blob

There it was, a viscous blob of limber elasticity capable only of thought and some kind of irregular nebulous form of motion, perceiving the world yet barely influencing it. It spent its time floundering around the park, observing the quotidian routines of the proletarians in their mundane and monotonous undertakings, yet it felt drawn with interest and was intrigued to know more of the lives...Read On


The World

There lived...

Once upon a time where frogs and butterflies lived in peaceful war and jellyfish had zones of pear, there lived a frog who wore striped rainbow pants. He was no ordinary frog. No, he was yellow. He lived in the cave where the dolphins of over-under flew past the backwards-flying forward left-turners while shooting deadly bleau darts that weren’t darts at all at something that was nothing in...Read On


The necessary Mushroom


In a little town, there lived many small goats. Each goat recieved a fashionable mushroom hat at birth and a small satchel in which to hold any articles that they may collect during their life. However, Bud the Goat did not have a hat, and no-one knew the reason for this.     Though this was no fault of his own, Bud was banned from attending the mushroom hat weekly meeting. One day, while...Read On

Micro Fiction(3)


Order and Chaos

Order is the semblance of understanding, like a sturdy ship upon which we sail precariously above the oceans of suppressed concerns. The steady sway of the ocean can appear as an alluring expanse of conquered space until at once, the unexpected dangers of our subconscious appear, like a subaqueous predator, transforming our reality into an entirely unknown terrain of terror. The structure...Read On


The Afternoon Off

Several times a month, Pete the village tailor would take the afternoon off work to meander through the streets and along the refreshing country trails. Today was one such day. Exiting the front gate of his small cottage home, Pete breathed in the fresh dawn air. The smell of field flowers and morning dew filled the breeze, creating the atmosphere of elation to which Pete always looked...Read On


The Approaching Disaster

It was precisely that which had been implemented to prevent the disaster which ultimately ensured it. The great minds of old, abandoned to dusty shelves and the weathered ways of some, shone beyond the populace. War to end war. Theft to end theft. Slaves to their desire, their noble goal distorted. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  ...Read On



The way of Life



The Subversion

The frivolous waste of the upper echelon is what fuelled the re-emergence, but it was not what sparked it. Seven wispy whispers fell from the mouths of the reformers, eroding the long-lasting stability of the fringe. Only the ebbing congeries remained to till the torn totem. If Friday began before the last, it would have none to witness the withering clouds of disdain beyond the slaughter....Read On


The Realm of our Perception

It is the way in which the world has become. Five frights and a minority rest. The swirls of feeling in the lights, summoning the thoughts of the younger, illuminating those of the elder in a short, yet magical revolution that only touches the surface of reality.   It is rare to become, and though it's veracity ignites the passions of all, it is but a spark that appears and is then gone,...Read On