Blue Moon Summer

A story about overcoming loss, and re-discovering joy.

There wasn't a day that went by where Lily didn't think about the baby. Blonde hair that fell in wisps around her delicate elfin face. The way the sun had lit her from behind so that she appeared as if surrounded by a halo of light. Her smile, pulling at Lily's Heart, as little fingers waved hello. This was the vision Lily Green had had of her child six months before she'd fallen...Read On

Editor's Pick

True Inheritance

A tale of family, and of finding one's Truth.

I can't let myself think about him. The sun is shining down on my pale back for the first time in days. A black butterfly with white spots is dancing around in the light breeze delighting in the day and inviting me to join in. But he comes to me unbidden. His face. His walk. His presence. His. Him. Breath in. Breath out. He is my past. Any chance of a future with him is gone. Chloe...Read On

Flash Fiction(1)


Picture Prompt 1 (With the hand tossing the leaves).

I opened my front door, stepping out of the dusky apartment block hallway into my lounge room, and saw the answering machine flashing wildly. Ten messages. I felt a moment of dread as I wondered how many of the messages were from her. I pressed play... "Jane, where are you? I know you may have a migraine and all, but I need to speak to you." "Jane, this isn't funny." "Jane, I think...Read On




On the nature of forgiveness.....

FORGIVENESS WHAT A PARADOXICAL WORD. Vast, yet simple. Hugely unimaginable to give to someone in some situations, yet so easy to bestow in others. And is it right to say; I can forgive you, but not them? Can we indeed CHOOSE forgiveness, or must it just come naturally? Personally, I think that there are no rules, and that every situation is different. I also think that sometimes it's...Read On




GUILT Your insane guilt is driving me insane draining me dry sucking my life force out of my shattered body Tugging at me Pulling on me Demanding of me to give, give, give Even when I'm finally left lying, curled and shriveled, on the floor, It would STILL not be, never...Read On


In The Night Time

This is about Healing and Higher love...

In the night time he would come around and lay his cool hands on my warm forehead. In the night time he would come around and lay his warm hands on my cool Heart. In the night time he would come around and surround me with his rainbow light In the night time he would come around and fill me with his brand...Read On


Kill The Rat!

When common ground cannot be found...(not to be taken too seriously...!).

Now I'm a pacifist you see Peace and love and mungbeans for me But on the night you came to stay Things shifted... I left the room with dinner in hand A relaxing evening I had planned But returning to the kitchen I grew livid. As bold as brass you munched away On potatos left sitting on a plate And as you casually looked up at me I wondered... Could I grab your tail and toss you outside...Read On


This Old Woman

THIS OLD WOMAN This woman has grown bitter and twisted like an old knarled tree that sits atop a barren, rocky outcrop that looks out over the sea. Buffeted by winds and salty air stripped bare of life. Stubborn and resolute. Holding on till death to be right to win at all costs. Not noticing the true cost to her...Read On


Was There Light?

WAS THERE LIGHT ? It wasn't that you were mistaken That you imagined it It's just that she has given in to her darkness And has doused her...Read On