A Special Prom

For students with special needs, this prom is an extraordinary experience!

It’s prom season, and many young people are getting all dressed up and heading to their prom. It is an important rite of passage for many teens to attend their prom, but there is a segment of the population that seldom is included in the festivities surrounding the prom, special needs students. These students are unable to attend their high school proms because of their special conditions...Read On


Recommended Read

Life At the Bus Stop

The bus stop is a wonderful place to learn about life, and to count your blessings

It could be because I have walked down many a darkened road and taken many wrong turns that left me lost in the world, that I feel this way, but regardless the reason, I believe that we all have the ability to rise above the circumstances of our lives. Yes, I may get lost sometimes, but oh, the beautiful places I have found, and adventures I have had while lost! Sometimes, things don't work...Read On


Why Change?

We all resist change, preferring to blame someone else for our misery and wallow in self pity.

Why change anything in your life? Who cares about being happy? We just keep going around and around in circles Never getting anywhere Complaining and whining about how bad our lives are. Talking about how crappy things are Nobody gives us a chance. Life hands us all the same cards. Some of us play them quickly and carelessly Others hold on to them. Some play close to the vest, ...Read On




We met online one day And quickly became friends Spending time together When the day begins and ends. So easily we banter And joke and tease Yet you know my heart So I feel at ease. We spend time together And it flies so fast It seems like minutes Though hours have passed. And then one day it happened Our connection was broken How could we survive? Things left unspoken. ...Read On



It has been 10 years since my father has passed, I still think about him every day

It’s been so long I can scarcely remember The warmth of your voice that last September I think back on days when life was carefree The days when I knew you were there for me Life with you was always so grand A walk through the park hand in hand I was the princess and you were my knight You’d slay the dragons and put things right Wanting you back holding me near Kissing my cheek...Read On


My Demons Within

You know I have my demons, You've seen them first hand, You've borne the brunt Of their attacks. You hold me as I tremble, Helping me fight them off Sharing your strength with me Trying to hold them at bay. Sometimes they sleep, But never deeply And never, ever Long enough. They awaken, snarling and snapping At the sound of the slightest whisper By you, the...Read On


Once We Were Friends

Once we were friends We spoke every day. Then you disappeared, Simply, went away. Where did you go? Why did you leave? I miss you my friend For you I grieve. I only hope And I each day I pray, That you are well Demons kept at bay. If you ever decide That you need to talk, You know I’ll be there Willing to be your rock. As long as you’re happy That’s all that I care ...Read On



When Shasta found out that I wrote, she asked me to write something about her. I am honored...

Beautiful child Bright as the sun Mischievous rascal Looking for fun She comes to class bringing her attitude A false bravado that hides the real girl inside A mouthy young soul that keeps herself hidden Throwing up walls and burning bridges. If you are fortunate enough to be allowed in You will see the treasure that is her She is intuitive and incredibly bright ...Read On


The Man in the Mirror

The man in the mirror Who’s looking at you He’s wanting to change To start life anew Once life was easy He learned and he played He went off to college His ticket was paid Somehow or another Things went so wrong Never meant it to happen But he knew all along The things that you do The things that you say Can push the people You love far away He just can’t keep going ...Read On


What I See

So much potential I see inside you I wish that you saw you The way that I do You think you’re a bad ass But really you’re not The man that I see You’ve simply forgot You hide in plain sight From the world that you fear And rarely let others Get very near Anger and despair Keeping you frozen Too young to be living The lie you have chosen Unhappy and lonesome ...Read On


You Are All I Need

I need you Like nothing I have ever known. Air, food and water Are nothing to my life,  They bring mere sustenance.  You  fill my meager existence  With your love. Happy moments are made happier  When I can share them with you. At times when things in my mind are fuzzy, You bring clarity. When my demons begin to circle,  You shelter me with your love. For us. I long for the times When you...Read On


You Take Me By the Hand

You take my hand and lead me gently I follow along quite contently Taking me firmly by the hand You lead me to a brand new land You take me to places unexplored I follow you of my own accord Down life’s path, forward moving Your faith in me doubt removing To a place where I have never been Inside myself beyond my ken You lift me up to take my place To dance in the light of...Read On