For my mom

This is for my mom, who is suffering from Alzheimer

Mama I have lost my mom Although she's still alive The strong woman she was That's all in the past Her eyes lost their shine Her face lost her smile Anger and grief took over And also a lot of tears Why is she suffering that much? She was beautiful, loving She was tender and caring Like every mother is In good and bad times Mama was always there She used to dry my tears When I...Read On


Living with his cell

One day he was on the bridge, because I have caused him pain. I did, yes I did. Then he found another love, screaming and shouting out loud. It hurt like hell, hell it was. Always on his cell, reading, searching, for what??? To make friends that are fake? Friends who hide themselves. No real names, no real pics. He said: "Take time honey.", but that didn't work out. His...Read On


Sweet little girl

This is on my mind for a while

Sweet little girl Lying there face down Your pretty face in the water I am so touched little one I am a mother too People are shouting on internet It's better that you and your family are dead That you deserve to die.... Why??? I only see a sweet little girl Probably wearing your best dress Your parents had hopes and dreams for you Why doesn't anybody see that? Why don't they see...Read On


The demons in my head

Haunted by the demons in my head At night lying alone in my bed I hear the wind in my ears I feel his fear, it brings me to tears Haunted by the demons over here No one I trust, no one I want to hear Haunted by a girl I have to take Take her away from daddy's grave Haunted by the screaming of his family I can't give them the answer on the question why Haunted by people telling me...Read On