I’m Still Here

Emily and Mike's day out did not go as planned.

  Emily was in love. Every morning she awoke and looked at the man that shared her bed. Every morning she smiled and slowly but surely she would end up snuggling into him. She knew that Mike was the best lover, the most attentive husband and the best friend she would ever have. He was one of a kind, her kind.   Today was Sunday; there would be no lie-in today. Soon, they would be sat in...Read On

Flash Fiction(1)


Being Scared

I am scared, used, and eventually discarded.

I am generally not scared of anything, but recently I have lived a life of terror, of being constantly afraid. Do you understand what those words mean, how you feel when you experience being afraid. Probably not! But there again, you’re not me are you. You don’t have to stay indoors and wait for the door to open and then for someone to approach you. You don’t have to wonder what will...Read On



Janet and John - The Fish Shop Encounter

John fetches some fish and chips on his way home.

A story written in the style of the Janet and John books that I used to read as a child. In this story, though, Janet is John's wife. John can be rather simple, and she always sends him out on errands for her. This story is not as innocent as the original books, but I hope you enjoy it. Today is Friday, and Janet has decided that they would have a fish and chip takeaway for dinner. Friday...Read On



The Junction

The things I see around me.

Sometimes, it’s nice, being able just to look out on the world; to see the sunrise, to smell the freshness of the morning, and to experience the evaporation of the dew. Then, at the end of the day, to experience that special sunset; you know, the one that displays the brightest oranges and reds that set below the silhouetted trees. Then there are the arcs of brightly coloured rainbows that...Read On

Micro Fiction(2)


Fooling Mum

I could see dark blue sea below my feet and I could feel the wind press against my body, holding me fast. My mother had always told me to never lean into the wind over a high cliff, but what does she know? This was fun! Then I panicked. My arms moved backwards at an ever increasing rate before I started to fall. I could see the panic in mother’s face, closely followed by the horror and...Read On


Never Without You

There you are I’ve found you. I knew you wouldn’t be far. For a moment there I thought I had lost you. Tears welled up in me and my emotions – uncontrollable. In a brief moment of time I saw you lying there; my whole body in denial and the doctor’s shaking their head. One nurse didn’t give up. “One, two, three - breathe.” The doctor led me into a waiting room. Then when I hit the...Read On



Autumn Memories

The joy of Autumn Colours

Cold and crisp, the air bites my face And my breath leaves with elegant grace I stand and see the waning sun's glare I close my eyes and I stare   I take a step, over the peat I feel the path beneath my feet The crisp sound of leaves are heard And the sound of intermittent birds   With open eyes, I see the trees of old In glorious shades of orange, yellow and gold Their...Read On



Based on a certain character that lives in a different world.

The scythe is poised in this man's hand And time has fallen like grains of sand A hood that covers the sinister eyes Of empty bone, but compassionate smile The cape flutters in the winds of time The blade is swiped, yet there has been, no crime He has come to claim you; it's your time to go You cannot escape him and so.... Your body lies still, upon the ground Yet your soul rises,...Read On



My time out and about in the World Wide Web

He sits, he clicks and waits a while This internet age just makes him smile The speed of computers from chips to cards All have to be authorised by those security guards. They sift through his data, they monitor his use They sit there and wonder whether his email is abuse They stare at it with an evil grin You could swear it has just committed a sin. They prod it, strip it, they poke it...Read On


Free Bird

I am free up here, so secluded, serene Watching the apparent motionless scenes Quiet and calm, I call with a cry Ready to act, in the blink of an eye My eyes flicker from place to place As I soar up high, with immeasurable grace Feathers that flutter, keeping me afloat In a sea of nothing, I am my own boat Surveying the fields, mountains, and towns Seeing humans carving images in downs...Read On


Innocence Lost

A journey through someone's life

I watch, I interact, I escape I peep from behind the darkest cape I cry, I laugh, I love for a while I run and play, just like a young child. My friends are mine and also others Some I consider as sisters or brothers We share our feelings, our truths, our fears As life moves up through several gears. With childhood receding, I contemplate Not all I did, it seems, was fate Was I always told...Read On


Is it too much...

Is it too much to want to smile To think those thoughts, that glow in your mind The ones that eventually burst from your lips In hysterical moments, that you hope, everyone will miss Biting your lip, you remember it all Every kiss and touch and from someone so tall Oh! And then you remember those special nights Your grin broadens, and your memories take flight Is it too much to feel this...Read On


My Room - My Mind

A poem of sadness and despair as you look in on yourself wondering why!

I see you in my own mind's eye Half awake and trying hard not to cry You face away towards the wall The bed clothes rise, and then they fall. You breathe and let out a great big sigh You think to yourself, and wonder why Has your path through life been so bad Why is it me, that seems to be sad. The wall just stares, back in your face No answers. Not from this empty place You move your head...Read On


The Kitchen Maid

Inspired by the painting “The Milkmaid” by Johannes Vermeer (see image)

Light that streams through an open window Falls elegantly on her face Shadows that stretch from nothing Gives the scene its unique grace Concentration on her face, it seems As she stands and pours the milk Light glistens from the liquid Gives the appearance of pure silk The bread upon the table Crusty and broken apart The texture perfect and simple But definitely not, à la carte Her...Read On


The Sky Is Crying

Inspired by a picture of my young daughter looking out of the window on a rainy day.

It leaves... It rises upwards in a never ending stream That defies even gravity And then, suddenly, it stops. It is so far to fall, please don't let it fall As it hovers on the border  Of the unknown and unknowing. It moves... Pushed and prodded by an invisible force Surrounded by its own kind and shoved along Slowly it moves Guided by the whim of the wind And with ease it goes nowhere...Read On