A Twelfth-night Masque

Within a medieval castle, festivity begins to take shape.

INT. A MEDIEVAL CASTLE HALL A set of banners are hung around the hall.   SONG: Pastime with Good Company A band of musicians enter and play. They exit afterward.   SCENE: Antimasque The Sprites enter. SPRITES    Black spirits and white, red spirits and grey,    Mingle, mingle, mingle, you that mingle may.    Four points of the circle, weave the spell,    East,...Read On


The Masque of Christmas

  DRAMATIS PERSONAE Santa Claus: a midwinter icon Hans Muff: a satyr The Boy: a curious lad The Archangel: a herald Befana: an old woman The Reindeer: an animal Chorus: peasants, angels     INT. A PARLOR ROOM   A boy is seen in a chair, reading a book. BOY    Santa Claus is very big and fat. He’s got a red suit and a white beard. He brings you many gifts, but not if...Read On