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Topic: What do you think about erotica writing?
Posted: 26 Jul 2012 03:42

Who is or who is not a serious writer and how do you define serious - is a minefield. I have been an artist for many years. Whenever I have called myself a fine artist (I paint realist subjects and portraits in oil on canvas), people come out of the woodwork to criticise. Many try to cloud the issue by discussing definitions. I think writers may be the same (no offense to fifafan meant). The only gauge of who is or who is not an artist is primarily decided by society - and sadly their only criterion is sales. I wonder if writers are judged the same - have they or have they not been published. I also wonder if this criterion is still applicable to writers because of the self-publishing phenomena that is Kindle. Again we may head into a debate about definitions - as some may equate electronic self-publishing to vanity publishing. A friend mentioned recently at a book launch, "Yes he may have five books published, but you know they are all vanity published, so don't be impressed - anybody can vanity publish." I asked another friend about publishing on Kindle and she gave a similar response. "Oh Kindle - well anybody can publish on Kindle - doesn't make them a writer does it?" I think writers are at a crossroads in regards to publishing. The appetite for electronic work seems insatiable. I am on the kindle discussion board and I understand there is a chap who writes erotica and has published over 50 works (albeit they are short 5 to 7K short stories and they sell for .99cents - he has sold almost a million at a 70% royalty. There are several kindle published authors that have sold over a million - maybe this is a topic for debate. I hope I have made my point clear.

I didn’t expect a large debate on erotica as it is still a taboo subject – just thought I’d ask the question. Sorry if anyone has been offended.

Topic: What do you think about erotica writing?
Posted: 25 Jul 2012 16:44

With the recent success of "Fifty Shades of Gray" and Waterstone's booksellers in London adding a complete erotica section - should serious writers be looking at erotica writing? I did notice that my small Waterstone's branch sells "Fifty Shades of Gray" - but they do not display any copies. The Gray series is the top three sellers and on the display stand with the top ten there is a notice to see the clerk. The clerk told me in her opinion mostly women are buying. Let's put prejudice about porn aside. It is my understanding that well written porn with a good story that adheres to good grammar and other aspects that set literature aside from just writing - is now making in roads. I know erotica has been around since the written word. Women seem to be going through a sexual renaissance - at least in literature. I read recently that "Jane Eyre" is being re-written as an erotica piece. I went into a porn bookshop recently and the material seemed to be mostly about bondage - the place was not female friendly. So if this genre of literature is on the rise among women it must be on line. I know that Amazon Kindle sells an enormous amount. What do you think?

Topic: Writer's Inspiration in Writing
Posted: 19 Jul 2012 16:34

I am currently reading Alex Kershaw's biography of Jack London (author of Call of the wild - White Fang - Martin eden). He quotes Jack as saying, "I'm darned if any stories just come to me. I had to work like the devil for the themes. Then of course, it was easy to just write them down. Expression, you see - with me - is far easier than invention." Jack London bought plots from a struggling writer , Sinclair Lewis. So maybe there is a 10th inspiration - Other Peoples. So I agree with DirtyMartini - whatever works. I read in the newspaper today that ghost writers are re-writing Jane Eyre to make it a piece of erotica. I have no problem with erotica (I have written some myself), but to ghost re-write another author's story. That to me sounds like plagiarism at best - theft at worst. I suppose publishing houses must cash in on any new trends and 'Fifty Shades of Grey' - is certainly a new trend.

Topic: New member
Posted: 18 Jul 2012 16:18

Thanks for the welcome. I have been around the site and the amount of information is staggering. I think I'll enjoy it here.

Topic: How did you discover storiesspace.com?
Posted: 17 Jul 2012 07:08

I was given the link by a fellow writer. We were writing short stories on another site and wanted to find a place for our general fiction. Glad I clicked on the link - the site looks promising.

Topic: New member
Posted: 17 Jul 2012 02:37

I am Max and this is my introduction into internet story writing. I have posted a story that is a prologue to a novella I am writing. I hope to finish soon and will attempt to publish on Kindle - if I can get this 65 year old head around the formatting. Why are there no elderly smilies?

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Alice went to wonderland I went to Vietnam We both got high Alice and I Each in our own dreamland Edward Lear the father of limericks - called them nonsense poems. He wrote them for Queen Victoria's children. As a Vietnam Veteran I found the Vietnam Conflict a load of nonsense and thought this five line poem style was perfectly suited to express my feelings. I've written dozens of them -...

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My admittance to the old mental asylum wasn’t with fanfare, I was sort of sneaked in during the night. No white truck or men in white lab coats – just me the psychiatrist and my wife. He led the way in his car and Daisy drove us close behind. There was a huge oak door that opened on to the ward. When the nurse opened it the squeaking was funny. We could have been in an Edgar Allen Poe story....

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Vietnam DMZ 1968

Vietnam DMZ 1968 - A Flashback It was over in less than a minute. The fog was mixed with the smell of gunpowder. It’s the kind of smell that gets up you’re nose - puts the hairs on end. Nick’s squad knew, when he threw out the white phosphorous grenade - that’s it - no more fire. A willy peter grenade will light an area up like a circus tent. Wait a few seconds more, for emotions...

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Ocean Realm

Prologue - The Blue Realm “Humans – like us - are mammals descended from the same ancestors. Unlike us - they have come to believe that intelligence sets them apart and gives them dominion. This false belief in their importance is enhanced by their most corrosive trait - greed. Man chose the path of violence to dominate the land. Whales chose the path of peace in the ocean. Now man’s greed...

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