How I gave a home to someone that was lost

I woke up, yawned, blinked and stretched out my arms. I was pleasantly surprised to feel the warmth of the sun streaming in through the window onto my face and body. "Well, this is a good start," I smiled to myself. "The weather's been so grey around these parts lately. I could use a little sunshine in my life." As I stretched out once more, my smile disappeared as I felt the empty space...Read On

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Time with Gran and Da

I remember spending wonderful summers, holidaying with my great grandparents.

When I was a child, I lived with my mum, dad and baby sister. It was quite hard going, as dad had a stressful job in the police force and mum was mostly busy with the baby. So, I used to look forward to going to stay with my great grandparents. When we moved house (the first of many times as it turned out) and I changed schools, I was delighted because although it wasn't all that far from...Read On




I wait and I wait for a message from you, Though I know that you're busy, you've got stuff to do. You might be out of sight but you're way on my mind And I try to be generous, not to think you unkind. ~o~ I glance at my watch, I'm still here all alone. I keep looking for mail and, again, check my phone. I try to stay upbeat and not to feel blue But I'm all on my...Read On

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Sometimes it's hard to be yourself...

I dreamed that all my wounds had healed, which freed me to move on. My confidence was coming back, I'd thought it all but gone. A smile, a laugh, an opening up, a glimmer of some hope, But my epistemic self still said I was a dope. Not sure if I was worthy, was sadly my belief And a brave face was the one I wore, despite the mental grief. Suppressing it, I steeled myself and closed my...Read On



Addictions may be fun, but you can find yourself in a mess...

I'm here, though I should get things done, Such a long list, it's not much fun. A million and one things to do, As usual, my mind is full of You . The way we used to flirt and chat It used to be such fun, and that We do not talk in the same way, I simply punctuate my day With mindless things and when I try To concentrate, I can but sigh And gaze once more upon my screen, ...Read On



Sometimes the prize isn't worth the effort.

Oyster He walks along the sandy shore, Looking for the perfect place to stop. It takes him a while to find just the right place. He throws down a colourful blanket and Sets up his things, ready to write. As he begins to put clever things onto the paper, He notices something at the edge of his vision. His eyes turn to look at it. It is a shell. He sighs, vaguely annoyed by...Read On



Good things can turn bad...

There was something amiss! Her left hand was tingling! Oh no! She began to panic. Her mind was racing. * Her heart! It must be her heart. Damn, but it had been under a lot of stress lately. She had taken on a lot. * She had opened it up. She had allowed herself to be vulnerable. To love, unconditionally. The good and bad. * As it turned out, it became bad. There was a...Read On


I Am Me

It's best just to be yourself

I am me I can be funny I can be harsh I can be vague I can be saucy I am honest Some people don't like that Some people can't hack it Some people think it's funny Some people find it insulting I am content If it's hard to take If it upsets you If it makes you uncomfortable If you want some more I am truthful When you want to talk to me When you crave my company When...Read On



She lay on the bed, eyes closed. Taking her vibe in hand, She would pleasure herself. He was so far away and she missed him. *** His face filled her mind as she began to stroke. The vibration felt good against her skin And she knew it would be swift. She'd abstained until she could be with him again. *** However, she simply could not wait any longer. As she made quick,...Read On