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In Zoe's heart.

some where in a story

I must confess I was told a lot at school that i would not amount to anything. Maybe that was a good thing. I have travelled my country and done some international travel. I have achieved academically too. I have never thought I would actually write even if it is short stories. I am in the ...

Zero talent for writing but enjoy a good read.

Australian Capital Territory

I have self published my first book and I am now working on the second in the series.

I am Spooky.
I am not an artist but a work of art.
My stories are my own imagination, and occasional memory.

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory

I'm inspired by...

Everything. Seriously, there’s a story in absolutely everything. Whether it’s an Aussie spin-off of The Walking Dead, an experience I had at an airport lounge, a line from a song, or a fleeting vision of a woman in orange pants who was walking with her young son in a ca...

Melbourne, Australian Capital Territory

NSW, Australian Capital Territory

usa, Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Hi, my name is Molly.

I am studying creative writing at university and love to write, write write. I normally write poetry but have lately been getting into writing some short stories and I am working on a novel. When I am not writing I like to dance around the house singing or wake early i...

Writing... writing. I want to write and write well. I hope through experience, heart and some divine inspiration I can live up to my own expectations. I love to write about characters. Everything I write is largely character driven. It's quite indulgent of me.

New South Wales

New South Wales

I am an Emergency Department nurse. And a long term occasional writer, which I find totally relaxing. Mostly stories (I don't really rate my poetry,) and they tend to be plot rather than character heavy. Love to chat about writing, my stories and yours too.

New South Wales

New South Wales

I'm a single mum, trying to live my dreams. Just starting out. Feedback is very much welcomed. I've always wanted to have a crack at story writing but not sure if anyone is actually interested in what I have to write. Or if it's worth the read. So please let me know what you think about my writing. ...

New South Wales

Hi everyone! I'm a Healer with my own online business and I have been writing since I was a girl. I like to write fiction and non-fiction, and I write poetry as well. I look forward to being a long time member of Stories Space, and reading lots of great stories by fellow writers.

New South Wales

I do love cyberpunk, it's my preferred genre in literature, and if there were less B-movies and more big cyberpunk productions, I would say that it is my main cinematic genre too, but unfortunately that ain't the case.
My biggest interest in life in general, would be the human need to be certain...

I am a 77yr young lady who is a keen reader and author - I am looking forward to reading some stories on this site = I love Romance - and other stories

Hello everyone my name is Nekala. I am currently writing a book series called The Dream Chronicles the first of which is called Beautiful Dreams. I am hoping to get it published and am hoping to write other books as well. I have Autism but I don't want anyone to treat me differently I am on here hop...

In my own world <3, New South Wales

I'm in my late 20s which makes me a child of the early to mid 90s. I was a preteen in the mid 90s and blossomed into a teen in the late 90s. So I'm a real 90s child. That's right lol.

NSW, New South Wales