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In 2012 I had a few short stories published, followed by a novel. Then in 2013 I had to leave writing until taking it back up this year. I was encouraged by a friend to join Wattpad as a way of re-entering the writing world and have found it an interesting platform to help my writing. I love writing...

Ipswich, Queensland

I have been Writing since I was 14. Nothing published yet, But I haven't tried either.
I have worked in Radio stations, Recording studios and I'm a Bartender.
Shinx is a Pokemon, yes. No, I didn't know what a Shinx was until after being called it for a year and I Googled it.

I had never written anything until June 2013, and much to my surprise, it didn't turn out so bad If you cross paths with any of my stories or poetry by chance, I'd love it if you would leave me a comment telling me what you thought.

Hello and welcome to my page... I joined the site to read stories but since have been inspired to write some too..

Since being here i have meet some amazing people. Some of which I am loyal and protective of, since they are classed as family and mean of the world to me. I also look forwa...

brisbane, Queensland

South Australia

I'm a writer and avid reader; extrovert, intellectual and all-round creative type. I want to write and make people feel. I tend not to stick to one genre but I'm not a poetry fan. I love feedback, I love messages and most of all I'm interested in finding out about places to meet other writers, excha...

Adelaide, South Australia

I'm a poet primarily, writing in a variety of styles, on a wide variety of subjects. My poetry is evocative and elegaic, romantic and sensual. My prose and my plays have a strong historical basis and I love nothing more that recreating the distant past and taking you there on an exotic journey. Do n...

Not much to tell! Just a friendly girl who loves to laugh. I'm not a writer but I love to read.



I am a friendly and bubbly person.
I am an avid reader, I LOVE books.
The language, stories, emotions, everything.
I thoroughly enjoy reading, I'm always reading.
I recently found out about this site.
I'm looking forward to making friends and reading the incredible stories on her...

2 hrs drive north of Melbourne, Victoria

I'm a single stay at home mum of two. I love getting tattoo's which i currently have... lets say four but planning on more. I don't get out much and i'm not much of a people person but i do try.

In my closet at Narnia, Victoria

I am me. Nuff said. I'd also like to thank my arms for always being by my side, my legs for always suppourting me, my fingers for letting me count on them, and my hips for never lying.

Also I like writing Fanfic, Fantasy, Supernatural (Meh), a bit o' drama, and of course HUMOUR

Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne, Victoria

Christopher Jackson-Ash is in his late fifties and lives in Melbourne Australia. He has had a varied career in chemical engineering and risk management. Now that his children are grown up, he has returned to bohemia and is concentrating on his first love, writing. His main focus is on his FirstWorld...

"Every word that has spilled from my tongue is my therapy". I find writing cathartic and sometimes, though infrequently, more than unintelligible garbage comes out. Really though, I have no idea what I am doing, I'm just a mad rambler that appreciates a place for my drivel to be deposited. If someon...