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I'm a 23 year old canadian girl i'm very patriotic and am loving the hockey season this year... GO HABS GO!!! I have a son and he is my whole world. I was a member of the other site for a while and really enjoyed my time there and i'm sure i'll love this one just as much. Really looking forward to r...

Just another amateur writer. I like to write poetry once in a while, but I like irony, sarcasm, just generally dark humour. I probably will write in that category, but maybe I'll dabble in another category as well.

British Columbia

Hi everyone i'm lexy. i am 18 years old and i am a student. i love to read stoires, maybe sometime write. I love music, sports and movies.

British Columbia

Chaser of laugh lines and tickle fighter. Bibliophile and wordie. Depth plumber and self-awareness junkie. Seeker of meaning and lover of all things strange and beautiful. Sardonic, tongue in cheek wannabe comic. Mother of three girls and wife to an eternal little boy.


Searching & questioning in a pursuit to understand the Why of human behavior, is the main topic of all of my writing. Being an adopted child at the age of 11, spending time in the foster care system and coming from a loving but unhealthy mentally and physically home, I have always been able to perce...

I decided to post a few stories as writing is something i have wanted to try for a long time. Im a college student in Canada, and i have lived in this country my entire life.


Hi! I'm a Visual Arts Major and I have a wild imagination. I like to write fantasy and sci-fi. Love reading fantasy. I'm slow, but I'm Friendly. I can offer adivice and constructive criticism. or if you want to chat, feel free!




I am a very down to earth, honest, loyal person. Im 5'4 and have wavy dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. Very slim and weigh as light as a feather. I like to right how i feel or what is going on at that very moment. It is how i do my art as well. Just depends on how i feel at the moment. I have a...

Here to check out stories. maybe write a few.

I love to read. I need to write. I enjoy erotic romance, romance, fantasy, supernatural, and psychological thrillers. Can't write thrillers, but love reading them.


Nickname is Krissy. Currently, I write short stories and monthly updated chapters. I am also an illustrative artist, you can find some of my stuff at

Edmonton, Alberta

I am a husband of just over 20 years to my best friend, and she is the mother of my 2 children (boy and girl). I am a quasi-techie (I make a living at it) and a wannabe writer. I am a romantic, I am sarcastic...a lover not a fighter. I don't have a writing style yet...I am a work in progress.

Grand Manan Island NB, Alberta

Not really much to say or that I want to at this time. I am reading some wonderful works. I'm a simple person, with simple needs. This is a wonderful place to come when I need a good read, my own little online book store.

in the frozen north , Alberta

I havent written any stories for this site...yet, but I sure do enjoy reading the ones that are here. I cant think of what to put here so will add more as it comes to mind

British Columbia

British Columbia

British Columbia

As I have most of my work posted on another site, the things I will post will not be new per se. I will mostly be posting poetry and short stories that I have written over the past few years. They likely won't be in chronological order. I write mostly dark things, but every now and again a little ra...

I have not written anything yet. I like to read the stories and poetry here.

British Columbia

Jemma was born.

I am Dave: a complex but simple soul, who is extremely spiritual, though not religious.

Nature is my first love, my muse.

Writing is my therapy, giving me freedom to express myself in many ways, while allowing others inside glimpses, I generally hide from the public eye.



I am just a simple country I love to read, nature, and to daydream.
I have many pets; 2 Wottweilers, 3 goats, 1 barn cat...I live on a farm.
Am married,we have a 10 quarters of land (1500 acres), crops; mainly-wheat, Canola
I have a Science degree; in biology.
I have wri...

Let me see...what should I say here?
I am in my early thirties, a bit of a loner but would like to
meet some nice people here. I am a recent widow, and
have no children. Live on the east coast and like the
slow pace of living in a small town. Would like to try my
hand at writi...