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A person who is more into reading.. not writing.
I read a lot... any genre is fine, as long as it is interesting and/ or insightful.
Romantic poetry creates wonders... and humor is another one which I like the most.

Laid back vivid river observer. Loves watching everything that flows water, thoughts, emotions. Like reading poems humor and comic books. Always on look for the innocence I miss.

I m here to spend some sweet moments with the members out here.
looking forward to add just a couple of best friends of mine.
no drama, no virtual, no tie ups.
Just stay away frm me...if u r fake.....wont tolerate any such behavior

I have never been much of a writer, growing up. But, last year, I started writing because a societal event outraged me and I just had to articulate my thoughts on it, irrespective of the fact that no one might ever read it.
A year later, I am still a sporadic writer, but I enjoy the process of ...





Hi everyone. My name is K. Aravind Bhargava. I was born on 3rd December, 1997 in Vijayawada. Now, I am studying in Hyderabad. My aim was to become a good professional writer. My father name was K. V. Ramana Murthy. My mother name was K. Vijaya Durga. My brother name was K. Anuraag Bhargava. The main...

In your dreams, amidst the Himalayas

Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir )_


Teach English literature, write poetry

A tumbleweed blown in the wind...... I walk to the beat of my heartbeat............and every mile I travel .........and everything I see ...........and everything that I thus do........is heartfelt......and becomes me.........Milee



Tamil Nadu

Hey... I hails from Coimbatore and works Kerala, loves to write a lot and looking forward to write an infatuation based love story. Thanks.


Scatter brained with a touch of the bipolar; stubborn to the point of annoying; memory like a sieve and on the verge of developing OCD...I would love to meet vampires (veggie vampires of course), hobbits and wizards; slapstick humor more than tickles me and am blessed with wonderful friends and a fo...