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I am a first year varsity student, studying languages. Stories has been my passion for years, and never have I imagined myself writing. And now I do. Since the year of 2011 I started writing, thousands of drafts, but these stories you'll see here is the only ones I kept on writing.

Cape Town

I live in Monte Vista in Cape Town. I have apparently spawned 2 aliens, Louise and Chelsea, whom I am immensely proud of. In fact, they are the best achievement in my life. I love their independence and kick ass attitude. I am attemping to dip my toe into the big sea of writing and to try to have...

Cape Town

I have just recently begun to write seriously and apart from dabbling in a few penned scripts have never really found myself comfortable enough to delve into something a bit more serious. We shall await with bated breath and see what the morrow brings.

Cape Town

Just a simple gal with simple tastes... a 'what you see is what you get' kinda person. I enjoy meeting new people, always up for a chat or a laugh, so feel free to inbox me anytime.

Cape Town

Hello folks
My name is Melony and I'm a writer with a dream of becoming an author one day. I have written stories from the age of 12 which I know is a little late. When I was 13 I found out about a writer Catherine Webb who wrote her first book at 14. It became my dream to have a published book ...

Cape Town

Things you might need to know about LousyNick...

He can’t walk past a bookstore without going inside and buying something (he even spent a stretch working in one just for the employee discount). He is a terrible, terrible dancer, and should avoid karaoke at all costs (but doesn't). He love...


City of Durban

I am a young man from South Africa, in the field of construction. I started writing my first novel in Matric (12th grade) which I have yet to publish. I attended Wits University... That was half a decade ago.

Now, I have successfully self-published my first novel, The Bowman's Apprentice a...


I am honest to a fault, love family and friends. I am passionate about everything I do in life. I have an inquiring mind and love stimulating conversation about almost any topic. I value honesty, integrity and loyalty. I have a sense of humor, can laugh at myself and find the funny side of most situ...




If every man helps his neighbor , who will need help...

York, England


Heya. This is me. I'm from sunny Durban in South Africa. I enjoy life and live on the edge. I enjoy writing and playing with words
Welome to my world. Make yourself at home and enjoy