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I love to write. Many of my poems and short stories - even a novella or two - have been published online on various sites, but I'm only going to post the ones I could read to my kids here.

Hello all! My name is Nathan Mullins, I am 17 years old, and am a Writer, Actor, and a Singer/ Musician. I have contributed to several sites across the net, such as -, Short-Fiction,,, A teaspoon and an open mind, The Zeo Room, the Doctor Who Ratings ...


A married father of 2 grown up children and recently subjected to the indignity of being made into a grandfather. My writing experience is limited but I would like to write some fantasy material worthy of at least reading.


Hey im Declan. im 17 and from cambridge england. didnt know where i was going for a while but now im on the straight and narrow :)

and just for van GO EAGLES GO


Land of 10,000 Lakes

Hey! Well where do i start.. i am 24 years old, i live in the sunny UK.. but wishing i was living in the USA.. Maybe sometime soon :p I have been to uni and graduated with a Masters.. I love to read. I would say i am a pretty big book worm..


I am American born, but grew up in the UK. I do however still sound like I have just stepped off the boat. I enjoy travelling and have recently returned from a 14 month trip abroad and will be soon heading to Central America. I have always enjoyed writing, but have little time to do much nowadays.



After having quite a successful career in London, I gave it up due to personal reasons and studied counselling in which I have passed my counselling skills exams. I am currently studying Law with the open Univerity..........In my spare time I am writing a novel about two children growing up in the 1...



Not sure what to write ... the irony!

Guess I just enjoy reading other peoples thoughts and feelings.

Take care


I have always been an avid reader with a love for crime, horror, supernatural and action. Its thrilling and exhilarating. I have a busy life and sometimes reading novels won't do. What's the point in picking up a book after 2 months?

The writing I do is purely spontaneous. It c...



Writer with a Celtic heart

I'm 28, married with two young children who I stay at home to look after.
Decided to come and check out this side of the story world after seeing friends moving across from lush.

Glasgow, Bedfordshire

London, Bedfordshire

Newcastle, Bedfordshire

I'm just a normal guy who likes stories. If you want to know anything else just ask.

I am me, some will know me, some won't. Friendly, fun fella here for a laugh and a joke.

Venus, Bedfordshire

I love a late Autumn a rustic field with birds and the cold morning air and a clear blue sky with a beautiful globe of orange sunshine; inspiring me like the purist virginal white page with no words on a page. The early Spring misty morning smothers my breath, and the fine foggy rain like moisture f...

in my house, Bedfordshire



I like to write fiction in most genres which will include lashings of humour. I love writing poetry too.


Hi my name is Bob i enjoy chatting to people from all over the world, what you see is what you get lol i am not perfect by any means i hate people that tell lies or try to make out they are some how better than you when it comes down to it people like that get found out in the end so why bother.