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I am ______________ know its odd..sometimes I can't even explin myself..but over all im just a cool person who enjoys organized chaos !! I love anything fun or that makes me laugh which.. I seem to do a lot ..everyone is thier own tell me your story!

A corn field...

I'm 28 years old. I like to write stories...Hmm wonder if that's why I'm here??? I love anything to do with books. I am almost always working on a new story.



I'm a bit shy and tend to stick to myself mostly, but I would like to break through that shell. I'm divorced and have a son who I love.

I love writing and have taken several fiction workshops at my local college. Haven't submitted any of my work to any literary mags but I hope to somet...


I am a self proclaimed smart ass who like to find comedy in the weirdest of places or situations. I'm a pretty laid back easy to talk to kind of straight forward guy. I am a family orientated guy with lots of interests. I love to talk and meet new people.

Cincinnati, Ohio


Dallas, Texas

I'm a flawed person, but I try really hard to not be a bad person. :)

Decaying Suburbia, U.S.A.

I'm an architect, married with one small child (so far), and suffer from distracted thoughts when I'm doing completely unrelated things.

Hanging out in the confines of my mind...

Hello there, my name is Lydia Kiei-Lynne and it is my calling to write, edit, and read. I'm the typical 'Cancer' person, and my writing tends to be tied into how I feel. I hope to post some of the poems and short stories I've worked on. Please feel free to send a request, and give feedback on my ...


In the heart and mind of our haven


I love writing when the moment takes me... Sometimes though, I can't stand it! It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in. I plan on writing for SS, but it will just be a matter of motivating myself, which is never easy. Then again, is anything worthwhile ever easy? I love to talk about books, movi...

La La Land

Las Vegas, NV

Adi Alsaid graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Marketing, but spent the majority of his time there reading and writing fiction. "Somewhere Over the Sun" is his debut novel and was written in Monterey, CA. He was born and raised in Mexico City to Israeli parents whose ...



I'm very boring in reality, but my imagination soars at times. Most of my stories revolve around women, (generally lesbians), and life.

Never Neverland!


Hey everyone My name is Jennifer but some of you know me as katie.... loving_katie..... I thought i would come and see what this place is like..... I am a sweet girl.... I love to talk and chat with anyone...... just be polite and friendly and we should get along..... hope to talk to you all soon......


Through the Looking Glass

I'm a 22 year old college student. Currently going for a AAOT in Pre-Med. My mothers is Raven and my brother is speedyg both on this site. I love to read poetry and stories mostly fantasies, supernatural, and horror's. I try to write my own but more artistic ability is more in drawing and other absr...


Wellington, FL

I'm Mike and I enjoy the concept of writing fiction stories. The imagination can do so much with words and I find that very captivating.


I'm 21 years old. I live in the great Rocky Mountain region. I enjoy writing stories. I'm still pretty new to writing. Each story I publish comes directly from my thoughts, to pen and paper, to my lap top and finally to your computer screen. I love the idea that my thoughts and imagination are out t...