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I'm a freelance writer who spends most days overindulging in coffee, stories, and work. I've published two works, both found on Amazon, and maintain a blog.

Washington, UT, Utah

West Jordan, Utah

Vergennes, Vermont

I am 26 years old.
I am married with no kids.
I hope to change the no kids part very soon.
I enjoy reading many different genres of stories
A friend told me of this site.


I am married with 3 beautiful children. I moved to Virginia 3 years ago and loving it very much. I was born and raised in Michigan and always knew I would leave. I am also a writer and have a couple of stories and poems published. I have four books published. My first book, Hell's Grim Tyrant, it is...


Trinity lives with her husband and four children in Virginia. She grew up overseas in Turkey and Japan, where her love of reading developed due to a lack of English-speaking television. As her need for written works grew, so did her desire to create worlds for others to enjoy. By the time she was in...

I am learning German and I like to write stories sometimes. I read a lot but don't write much during the school year, so I am trying to write more this summer. I play piano, and do pottery, mime, and parkour. My friends think I am weird...




I love to read..

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”

― Edgar Allan Poe

Charlottesville, Virginia


I am shy, awkward, random, humorous, caring, protective, creative, strong, clumsy, clever, observant, honorable, stubborn, trustworthy, and witty just to name a few.

Mclean, Virginia

Mechanicsville, Virginia

My name is Sheena. My pen name is KandyKisses. I am an avid writer and lover of all types of literature. I have been writing since I was 6 years old. If there is anything more you would like to know please feel free to ask. Until then.. enjoy my work.

Northern VA, Virginia

I live in the Northern Virginia suburbs near Washington, D.C. with my husband and kids. With the exception of pieces written specifically for stories space contests, the stories and poems I post on here have generally not been well received elsewhere, and I am looking for honest feedback on them so...

Ramen County, Virginia

Writing creative and informative ideas is one of my passion for the past four years of being a freelance blogger.

Rocky Mount, Virginia

Sailing on the Bay, Virginia

Just a girl/woman who likes to write and read stories and poems of all kinds.

Just a reader, not a writer. I strive to be quiet and listen. I have opinions, but try hard to be respectful and not let an opinion of mine, expressed without care, cause upset.
I live in a very rural area. A beautiful area, but have to drive a distance for a real choice in shopping.

virginia beach, Virginia

wondering around, Virginia

Hi all,
Well I'm just here to meet new people, I post things from time to time. I can be really sweet, I've been hurt a lot so I don't really open up to many people. What you see from me is real, but it's also what I want you to see.

Message me if you wanna talk


Hello! I'm Brindle Chase, an author of paranormal and contemporary erotic romance. Find out more about me at my website, www.forlorn-hope.net



Hi. Just completely deleted the run-on blabber that was once here. My name on here is Colors_of_the_Wind. My legal first name is Aria. I have been writing for a decade and I still come up with some crappy ideas and some wonderful ideas so I don't think that really goes away ever. My characters run ...