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I like to read different kinds of stories.
I'm a big sports head.
With a nerdy side to me.

I like to read stories and write them as well. I'm looking forward to reading some really good stories and making friends and chatting to them


I'm Laura, you can call me "KiKi". I'm founder and president of Kinda Pets, I want to make a difference for animals in need.


Jame Bcornman is a founder of WGB. He has had dogs he whole life and his bachelor's degree in English from The Missouri University of science and technology. He's been writing about pups since 2016.

If I was to write a story it would be a love story of epic proportions. About cherry and apple blossoms falling over star struck lovers, where their world is filled so much with each other that just the most softest kisses, like butterfly kisses, send shock waves through their bodies and shivers do...


just here to read stories of the sonnet ..

Birmingham, Alabama

By day I write ads. By night I fight vampires and renegade robots.

Chicago, IL, Alabama

Chillin on a dirt road, Alabama

The funny thing about firemen is... Night and day they are always firemen

I'm here on here to read the stories that others have posted and to have others read my stories, and that's about it. So if you like one of my stories then give it a 5 and a nice comment, and ...

Cranbury, NJ, Alabama

My name is Trish. I'm an aspiring Graphic Designer, and I love to learn about writing as well.

I love to read and I write.... I am widowed and I have raised five children

Guntersville, Alabama

Indiana, Alabama

Iowa, Alabama

Midwest, Alabama

Just started and account here to check it out. I am friendly and fun. I will indulge in about whatever you may want to try so reach out to me with any questions...

It’s not easy to be an author, artist, animal rights crusader, advocating for animal rights and being an activist for them, all on top of studying physical therapy, but Shenita manages with aplomb and vegan treats. Her lifetime passion for animals and love for her late bunny companion, Neo, offers c...

Nebraska, Alabama

New Jersey, Alabama

I am 21 and i love to read just about anything. I write mostly poetry and paranormal and fantasy stories...i am hoping to branch out genre-wise the better i get at writing.

North Central, Alabama

Just your average person, who finally learned to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and the people that make them special

Ocean Grove, NJ, Alabama