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I'm a young guy who likes to write. I usually post poems and stories here and on youtube I make sketches with Trail Of Mixed Productions. Also I play in a band called Lucerna!

i have joined here mainly to read and so i could leave comments if i wanted to do so.... i will add more as time goes on i am sure.....


I am a married female in my 30's. I live in Florida. The avatar is not me, too bad. I like red heads but am not one. Right up front, I am not here to cyber or meet in anyway. I do enjoy chatting when I have the time and always answer emails. I will pretty much talk about anything except politics (u...


My name is DiVitto Kelly and I am a papier mache artist/instructor, reference librarian, and aspiring writer. I'm a former editor/reporter/photographer for the Seminole Tribune (the official newspaper of the Seminole Tribe of Florida) and head of the writer's group at the South Regional/Broward Coll...



..At your boyfriends house, Florida

<----- I am a very Happy person with a wicked since of humor,.. who writes " Dark" short story's and poems...I have Two years of College for....( Accounting ) ........I bet you would have never guessed that!

Florida, Florida

My name is Jim.

I am slowly approaching the retirement age but still have quite a few good years left in me.

I enjoy reading all kinds of stories. It is a great break from all the technical manuals I usually have to read. My wife and I have 7 kids.

I also enjoy writing ...

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I am a freelancer come journalist and guest blogger.

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Ocala, Florida

I hate this part. sigh I'm in college, studying zoology. Animal psychology/behavior, specifically. I'm here to read stories and maybe write some of my own. I'm kind of a nerd. ...Okay, I'm a total nerd. I cosplay, I watch anime, read manga/comic books, play video games, go to conventions, the...

Orlando, Florida

I am new to this site. I love to write.
I am a very artsy and creative individual. Life excites me daily. I love to write. I view life through a lens of creativity. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. Now living in Florida. I travel the USA extensively for work.

Ruskin, Florida

Scrubbing ink stains from my hands, Florida

Busy with life, work, and my imagination

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Stories Space is a place to relax, share and perhaps find the next famous writer... there are many great writers here, some published, and some waiting to be published.
It is a place to hone the art of writing, to go beyond something created, to become something cherished... and perhaps become ...

South, Florida

It has been a long while since I have been on here, and much has changed in my life. I now create artistic graphics for a graphics memorial group and many of my designs feature my writing. This is a way for me to honor Katy''s memory while bringing comfort to others who are grieving. I will be shar...

I'm a married sub in a vanilla relationship - my cross to bear oh well. I've got a son 23 who is in school. I get about 150 miles a week in on my bicycle and try to get 2-3 hours of kayak time in. Overall it keeps me toned and fit. Still getting close to that big 5-0, but avoiding it like the plague...

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on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida

I'm a retired teacher who loves to read. I have red hair and blue eyes and my name is Kat (hence the blue-eyed orange tabby in my photo). I live on the beach with my hubby and my geriatric cat. I have three grown children and two grandkids.