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Hello I'm Star, I joined this site to read and make friends.

Atlanta, Georgia

The things I know, any man can know, but O, my heart is mine alone!..
That being said, I've also been known as a Jean Claude Goddame Bruce Mohammad A-Lee wild Rebel Yell on the front line; never punctual with white man's time; John Henry's Hammer swingin'; Honky Tonk Blues singin'; Voodooing; Ka...

Atlanta, Georgia

I am Buz Bono. A southerner and UGA graduate, now married to the girl that used to break my heart over and over again. I work in the corporate world but love physical and outdoor activities. I believe in helping those less fortunate than myself and building a better community. I love to write and ex...

Central, Georgia

Hey, well of course my name is Dani. I am currently in college and i work full time. Im really laid back and love to have fun and party. I am single, just too busy to get wrapped up in love, i'd rather read about it! I joined this site because i love to read. I dont really write, but i would like to...

I just stumbled upon this site while looking for stories. Been reading and I love to write. I have submit a couple of stories but they both need some significant work, something I need to do. But like many, I came for the stories, which I love, and stayed because of the friends I've made here. T...

Duluth , Georgia

I am 20, turning 21 in November. Been writing since I was in six grade and just started to get better. I write mostly fantasy but trying to write new stuff.

Hell, Georgia

I write romantic and Post-Apocalyptic books.

Median of Mediocrity, Georgia

I'm a heavy equipment technician, and have a certain amount of love for any piece of machinery. I'm a nerd at heart, and I've spent most of my life in books, music, movies, and video games. If you love something, let me know. If it sucks so bad it makes your head hurt, definitely give me those comme...

🌸Enjoying the Day🌺, Hawaii

🌺I LOVE LOVE LOVE poetry and how you can express yourself through words in a beautiful rhythm... I am nowhere near as talented as most here but I still find pleasure in trying and it's my favorite type of release🌺
🌺💜 I am married to my best friend and we have a daughter who is truly a little...

I've never been entirely sure how to start these bios so bare with me if you will. There isn't a whole lot I can say, I'm a lover of the imagination and fantasy. I've always took the time to wisk myself away to the far corners of my mind and into worlds I've made for myself. Art is my passion but so...



I'm just trying to improve my writing, so feel free to be honest with your comments if you choose to read my stories.




I have begun writing and found this site.

Chicago, Illinois

About the author.

Ilana Haley takes her literary inspiration from an Israeli childhood--- as a child of early kibbutz pioneers. These stories an poems reflect values and conflicts that helped to make the Nation of Israel. She left her kibbutz and spent two years in the army; from there to...

Chicago, Illinois

I am a native of Chicago (not the suburbs), and I am getting my degree in Journalism. My main goal is to become a writer at a magazine that speaks to women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and the interesting lives they lead.

My main hobby is creative writing, which takes me away from t...

Chicago area, Illinois

I'm retired. I served my country until they made me go home. I was an Associate Professor and tried to teach young people not only about their subject, but about life as a whole. I have the most marvelous wife in the world, Liz (LizLytle) here on Stories Space. We have been together through the good...

I have no motivation when I'm full of creativity, and no creativity when I'm full of motivation. What a wonderful cycle...

In my pirate Turtles arms., Illinois

I'm a wench that can turn into a dragonfly! Please friend me and lets have fun.