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One More

One man's thoughts of a friend gone

I pulled the last olive off the swizzle stick with my teeth and ate it before finishing off my drink. Looking up at the clock it, showed 4:20. It was in the AM, not the afternoon. It had been a long day. “I couldn't even begin to count the number of people at the wake,” I thought. Flipping on the TV, I found there wasn't much at this time in the morning, just talking heads, Infomercials,...Read On


The Fisherman and the Mermaid

Do you believe in Mermaids?

    “Mermaids, Kelpies, Harpies,” he muttered. “Superstitious fools.” The old fisherman was motoring his dory out of the harbor. “They blame the lack of skill on make believe creatures.” Fishing had been down recently. Soon the fisherman had his 200 hook line baited and laid out. He laid back under a tarp and the stars to sleep. Waking, he started to retrieve the line. A club in...Read On


The Tram

Now she always walks to work.




A man has to do, what a man has to do.

It's hot out. The sun was blazing. Not ten minutes into the journey and it broke down. Now I'm on foot. Sweat dripped from my forehead. Cars passed me by. They honked and waved. Do they stop and help? Oh No, they just drove by. Some laughed at my situation. I had to press on regardless. She had to have it. So I got it for her. Now I'm stuck. The journey must be completed. A...Read On


Home Late! - The Next Day - A Sidebar

The next day on the inbound bus...

The next day I'm on the bus. Stumbling and muttering an obscenity, a woman attempts to get on the bus. She flopped on the bench. She looks like something the cat dragged in. That's when I recalled her. Looking at me she spoke, “Do I know you?” “No, but I saw you last night.” “Oh Gawd! What happened?” “You sang show tunes.” Grimacing, “Anything else?” “You pirouetted around...Read On


Home Late! - A sidebar

The bus trip home became very entertaining...

I had just sat down on the bus when I heard loud giggling from the upper deck. Followed by someone strangling a cat. No, it was a Rodgers and Hammerstein tune. A boisterous female came from the staircase. The singing cat made an appearance. She was totally arseholed and naked! She ran out and hooked a lamp pole and twirled round. Streaking up the sidewalk, she stopped, bent over...Read On



They knew it was coming. Duty called them.....



The girl on the train

He got more than a kiss on the train to Berlin.



The Lost Wish

Be careful what you wish for...

The caravan made it to the last oasis before finally getting home. The trip by all accounts had been successful. After the camels had been bedded down and the men had finished their evening meal of mutton and couscous, they began to talk of finally making it home and what they expected from their homecomings. The graphic details were too much for the old man. He had lost his wife and sole...Read On



The year is 2547 and kids still complain about taking their lessons.



Routine Training Mission

A routine training flight goes terribly wrong.

Yogi and Casper had just taken off on a routine training flight. The weather wasn't perfect that day. Forecast for low lying cloud cover, but it would help in their training. The two fliers climbed to the designated altitude and formed up to begin their mission. A low level sortie this time, hugging the ground to avoid detection. Casper called to Yogi to verify the flight plan. ...Read On


Tiyo - Part III

The story of Tiyo concludes.... Or does it?

Quenching his thirst from the kutuki, Omawnakw finishes his cup of water. “Sorry for the interrupting the story, but I was thirsty.” Slapping his hands down on his knees, “Now then. Where were we in the story?” “THE SNAKE! THE SNAKE! A large golden snake just hissed at Tiyo!” Kaiah said almost screaming. “Oh yes,” Omawnakw said with a smile. “Tiyo was in the house of the Snake-People.” ...Read On


Tiyo - Part II

Kaiah listens to more of the story about Tiyo

Kaiah was trying not to show her boredom, but as it is with all youngsters, it was obvious to all. Omawnakw had finally finished the last of his kutuki. Brushing some of the residue from his hands and then wiping them on his leggings he said, “Delicious! Now where were we in the story?” Kaiah just looked at him and then said in the monotone voice only a bored 9 year-old could muster, “Tee...Read On


Tiyo - Part 1

Kaiah's worst fears are realized

Kaiah and Manci were just finishing up preparation for dinner. They had fixed a hearty squash soup with hominy corn and the rabbit for their guest, plus the fried bread for the meal. Manci also had a yucca sifter basket filled with kutuki, a Hopi parch corn dish, as a snack during the story telling time. She spread her finest rug on the floor for sitting . Just then the blanket...Read On

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Painting the Living Room

Why I can't paint the living room because I'm out of two-stroke oil.

Lists. We all make them. Line items of things that need done, have to do's, want lists, tasks, chores, things to buy. Some people make lists on a scrap paper. I make mental lists. Contained within those lists are sub-lists and sub-sequential lists and line items. Each in a precise order of priority and importance. Like, if my wife wants me to paint the living room. Simple enough task. ...Read On



Mother and daughter preparing for the evenings dinner.

“Momma,” 9-year-old Kaiah asks, “When I'm done grinding the corn, can I go over to Shumana's to visit before dinner?” Manci looks over at her daughter and shakes her head. “No my dear. It's no time for a little girl to be out after dark.” “But why?” was the immediate response. “You know perfecting well why. Tonight is Kyaamuya.” Her mother reminded her. “ It is a sacred time . The night...Read On



What goes on outside your patio windows for all the nieghbors to see.....

Ah, Sunday morning. I had already started my weekend ritual by retrieving the Sunday paper from the front porch and retiring to the screened in patio with a cup of coffee. Sitting down, I flipped through the bundle of papers to find the Sunday morning comics. I always enjoy this quiet morning repast before I started my weekend chores. That's when I heard it. A terrible row or ruckus going in...Read On


Come on with Me

Last days of summer ritual......

Come on with me, Let's run and let's play Let's go outside, Lot's to do today. Into the woods, We can go and romp Stroll down the lane, There's a puddle to stomp. Walk on the lawn, With grass tween our toes There's the tree swing, That goes to and fro. There's the big oak, We can climb up high I'll help you up, We can touch the sky. Race to the pond, We'll go for a swim I'll wear...Read On


If Only.....

On/Line lovers lament...

If only you knew what beats in my heart My deepest wish we should ne'er part A windowed meeting so opportune. If only I had a moment of time To see your smile, my spirits climb One small glance so non-picayune. If only I had you for one brief hour To sit at the table, give you a flower That hour would leave too soon. If only I had just a brief day To walk in the park by the bay Upon...Read On


Date with Kitty

Strange things happen when a girl isn't ready......

Picking up my gal We're going on a date I'm 5 minutes early Always hate to be late. Greets me in her housecoat A peck, Please take a seat Give me just a minute She leaves in a heartbeat. I sit on the sofa Anticipation at last And then I noticed Not alone, here's her cat. Rubbing against my legs Warm purrs are her chants Then I notice I have Lots of hair on my pants. I can just...Read On

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Life's Garden

You have a wee small plot With your life at its dawn It's just about so wide The length not yet been drawn. A garden you are to tend Tilling, working it well What will become of it Just time and toil to tell. Turning stumbling blocks Into path stepping stones Breaking up all the clods Your body aches and groans Compost and nutrients Working into the soil Hoeing, weeding, sweating A life...Read On


R U There?

Text message answers poses a question

I woke this morning Wondering what this day will bring When suddenly my phone It began to ring. A text was sent Upon my screen in morning's glare A strange text message “ HELLO.... R U THERE” R U THERE! R U THERE? What a strange question How unfair. I quickly respond to the text Answering with without fear “ Nope. I am never there. I am always here.” Feeling satisfied...Read On


The Single Mom

Tribute to all the single mothers

She was quietly lying Morning light lit the dawn Just watching and waiting Next to her sleeping fawn She teaches it the ways Of a life in the wild Just her giving guidance Looking over her child. Caring for her spring spawn Teaching all that she knows Suddenly found them there In a late springtime snow. With just her to raise it This child of the spring The product of fall tryst Alone...Read On


Fairy Rings

Little girl finds out if Fairies are real

Adele was a bright and inquisitive child for only 8 years old. She loved to visit with her grandparents during the summer. Her grandfather would take her for long walks in the woods behind his house. He would explain to her the mysteries of the woods. Showing her how to identify trees by their leaves and bark. Where the mushrooms would, or more precisely might, grow in the woods. They...Read On


Come Walk With Me

Couple walks along the beach at night

Come now and walk with me Upon the edge of land Where water greets the earth And washes on the sand. Let's stroll a barren beach As midnight's toll doth chime We'll walk in the moonlight Losing ourselves in time. Under a bedding of stars As glistening wave parts Soft whispers are spoken A communion of hearts. There we can clasp our hands Chance to take an embrace Ambling down the...Read On


Tick - Tock

Old clock marks the passage of time.

I am sitting quietly in the living room. Reading a book or the paper, when I notice an eerie silence about the room. I looked across into the kitchen and then the dining room and still the silence was deafening. I then realize that the old Seth Thomas clock sitting on the mantel had stopped. Apparently, I had forgotten to wind it. I got up from my chair and walked over to the fireplace....Read On


I gave a rose

A man gives a rose to his love one last time

I gave a rose to my love Brightest red and free of thorns On our first date to celebrate Upon her beauty it did adorn. I gave two roses to my love On that day she answered “Yes” Small token for lives ahead And on this day I felt blessed. I gave three roses to my love On the day we finally wed Fiery red hued blossoms three For tonight we shared a bed. I gave four roses to my love...Read On


Smell the Roses

Missing the little things that make life's journey worth while.

As I traveled this journey we call life, I was constantly reminded to “ Stop and smell the roses ” or “ Gather ye rosebuds while ye may ”. What? I'm too busy for that now. Today, I have to get up at 5:00 AM and drive a hundred miles to help a client with a payroll problem. The daughter has her ballet lessons or junior has little league. I have that mandatory meeting to go to tomorrow. There's...Read On


Sense of Love

The Seventh Sense of Love

My lover comes to me All my senses aware She is the only one No other can compare The sight of her warms me A soft glow upon her face Her eyes wistful and calm This vision that I embrace. Her aroma fills me The sweet smell of her hair Wafting of her perfume Smell of love in the air. The sense of tender skin Soothing by lovers touch The feeling of soft silk Alabaster smooth as such. The...Read On


Better Off

Reflection on what the past was like and how it compares to today.

I'm sitting contemplating where we are today. Comparing it to where we came from. I started to wonder, are we truly better off today than yesterday? We have this thing called the internet. It connects us to the outside world. Our friends are over the world today, but not the ones that live next door. We all have cell phones today. Virtually attached to our hips. Just so that if...Read On



The elixir of life as we know it......

I wake in the morning And rouse out from my bed Visions of yesterday Still dancing in my head. Down the hall, I do walk Trying not to stumble Thoughts and words come to me They're all in a jumble. To that place in the house Finally make my way Tis here that I begin The dawn of brand new day. There I push a button Magic elixir you see I need you so badly Just to return to me. It is...Read On


Words on the Wind

On-line relationships

I do not know what I really own Something held by me all alone. Something I can show for all to see An object that belongs to only me. The most valued is not really a thing But happiness and joy to me it brings. It is just words appearing on my screen They speak to me of what may have been. They come to me in messages on end We talk together and then hit send. A friend out there I...Read On


The Blue Plate

Where the locals go to eat

I've suddenly gotten old I'm rather set in my ways But when I go dining out I'm the one that has to pay. Some like the one eatery They claim it's almost heaven To me that place is not I just call it Barf Evans. Another sits on every corner With arches of gold on site The food there is terrible It tastes of ground up tripe. Other places are mere copies All over our fine land The food...Read On



Love, caring, unselfishness

It is vaster than the open plains It is higher than the mountain peaks It is deeper than the oceans It is warmer than the sun. It is stronger than a mighty bull It is softer than a kitten It is tender as a child's embrace It gives on quarter It lifts you when you are down It tells you that you matter It defends you against yourself It shows you that you are special It is given...Read On


Happiness Unbound

Finding true friendship on/Line

She came to me As a friend request I excepted her offer Thinking it was best. She read my works Thought I was good I read some of hers As I should. We chat and laugh Black Boxes untold True soulmate found More to unfold. There would I be This night so late Ne'er seen her face That is my fate The price I pay I'll play my part For I have seen Inside her heart Just one more...Read On


The Storm Within

Man weathers a storm within

He's outside in the backyard Deep in his own thoughts When thunder claps overhead In the present, no longer lost. He hears the rain coming Walking across the forest floor Running to the house for safety As close as the backdoor. The storms strikes with voracity Pelting the window and pane Deep within him the noise Raises his internal pain. Sheets of rain continue To claw at the...Read On


Oh Beautiful Sleep

Sleep, Oh beautiful sleep Let me rest softly For I am so tired Sleep, Oh beautiful sleep Sleep, Oh restful sleep Let me lie down Just one more time Sleep, Oh restful sleep Sleep, Oh warming sleep Let me retire now Under your thick green blanket Sleep, Oh warming sleep Sleep, Oh wonderful sleep Let me dream again Of those long past Sleep, Oh wonderful sleep Sleep, Oh...Read On


Do You Want To Save?

Author deals with Writers Block

I'm sitting at my computer A story I want to write All I need are the words To make it come out right. Just an idea or a thought To write the next great book The computer screen is blank Giving me a dirty look. The words are there I know Just where, I can not tell They're deep inside of me Not at this time, Oh swell. I try to think of a line To get me started today Do all writers face...Read On


Picture Prompt 2

He couldn't sleep and was sitting in the living room trying to find something on TV. Over 100 channels, he thought to himself, and there's still nothing to watch . It was now nearly midnight. His wife had already gone to bed earlier that evening. Turning off the TV, he rose to look out the window. The full moon's light illuminating the backyard. Thinking a small walk would relax him. He...Read On


Three Little Kobe Fish

Woman laments her husbands departure

Three little kobe fish swimming in a pool Shawl on her shoulder the days rather cool Sitting and watching the waters gentle waves Doppled sunlight reflects, her thoughts were to save A book of poetry rests there in her hand As her husband is off again, gone overland A gift from her lover and her best friend Testament of their love will never ever end He left her this morn long before the...Read On


So I promise

I lie here in bed tonight My wife sleeping in my sight Quiet is her breathing now Breaks the silence of this night. Sometimes I wonder if a past lover Were lying here in your place I cannot recall all their names At times not even their face. But all I see now is you Sleeping near me on our bed I don’t know what life would be If they were here in your sted. We've been through much...Read On



Remembering a good friend and missing twin

I would like to relate to you a little story. As some of you know, if you've read my profile, I did at one time do Civil War reenacting. Shortly after I started, I met another reenactor whose name was Neil. The irony behind this meeting was that we were nearly identical. This attribute we used to full advantage during our years of reenacting. I was a member of the unit who was part of The...Read On


Two Lovers

Two lovers find other ways to make love felt.

Upon their bed both do lie Her on her side just right And him right behind Spooned together this tonight. His hand is on her stomach Pulling her closer and tight While she feels his warmth Lying there together tonight. He runs a finger down to her hip She slyly gives him a wiggle Coming back to the special place That always makes her giggle. She turns to face him now Just to look upon...Read On


JC and the Christmas Gift

A boys bicycle and its embarrasing problem

Before any of you think that the story is about that little boy and swaddling clothing, it's not. JC was a shiny new bicycle I received one Christmas. It was bright red and white with chrome trim and a tank with a horn. It came from Sears Roebuck, whose in-house label for sporting goods was JC Higgins. So that's what I called my new bicycle, JC. JC was my mighty steed that would take me...Read On


The day Mother vowed Granny must die....

An Easter present has consequences

This is a true story. This all takes place in a small rural town in Indiana in 1950. I was about three and half years old at the time. But first, I must give you some background to explain why my mother said what she did. My mom and dad had just moved into a two-bedroom house shortly before my birth. The reason they moved was this house had recently had indoor plumbing installed....Read On


A cry in the woods

I was working on a new story for this site. But I'm putting that aside for the moment to relate to you something that happened just today. For those of you don't know, I live in the woods. I've been here for nearly 12 years. There's all sorts of wondrous sounds and sights can be heard and seen here. We've had deer frolicking in the backyard. Two bucks having been jousted over territory and...Read On


How Would I Cope

Man examines coping without his love

My wife is away for a few days, off on one of her junkets Which leaves me here alone in this house to consider What life would be like if she didn't return I look around this empty house and I begin to wonder Sitting in the living room with the television off It's lonely when the only sound is the Seth Thomas clock I know I would miss her smile, her laughter, and her just being there for me...Read On


He left her today

A woman's thoughts after her husband's funeral

He left her today She sits back in the car The ride back to their home Really isn't very far. He left her today Helped out by her son Said they couldn't help him That nothing could be done. He left her today The doctors tried their best The cancer gone too far It was best let him rest. He left her today House full of people sounds Not a word did she hear Loneliness knew no bounds. ...Read On

Stories collaborated with meredith


The Feast of All Saints

I was working late after celebrating the feast of all Saints.

Except for the guards at the lobby, I was the only one in the building working. All lights were off. The only lights are on my working area. Coffee at my side as I busied myself on the financial reports. They were needed within two days time for the stockholders meeting. All my attentions were focused on the white screen of the computer. When all of a sudden, it felt chilly and the scent...Read On