mhend90's Blog Entries

It's been a while since I logged in... Have had a lot of shit on my mind. Good news though is that I finally published my first novel! Bad news is I have no life.

27 Apr 2014 22:12

It's been a while. There've been many changes, including two publishings, a contest win, and another in-progress! Thanks to the support and motivation on here!

06 Jan 2013 09:54

Being back in classes is great, though it really sucks time away for writing I'll get back in my groove once the pace settles down.

09 Jul 2012 00:04

I love how as my interests, personality, likes, dislikes, and world change as I age and learn I have always had a passion and desire for writing. That is one thing about me that's always been the same.

22 Jun 2012 20:26

I look back at my writing, and I can see how much I've progressed. I never imagined having anyone ever read my work, and now I have people in my life who demand to read whatever I have ready for them. It's exciting and mind-boggling to think how not even two years ago I never expected to be here now. As I work towards publishing my first book in print I find it rather surreal; having people supporting me in that goal is even more so.

04 Jun 2012 18:15

I'm trying to stay active on my writing blog; I just get discouraged by the lack of readers. Bleh, that's the hard part of crawling out from under my rock of existence...

30 May 2012 19:47

I wrote the first draft to six chapters of my current Work-In-Progrss... feel satisfied. Maybe I can submit my manuscript this year after all! Thank god my girlfriend keeps me on the ball about these things; nothing would ever get done if she didn't motivate me to do it (and not getting my cuddle-time is very motivating! frown ).

29 May 2012 13:50

Updated my writing blog: AltSnippets. I need to work on that more, but I've been so busy, I've let it side. Naughty me.

27 May 2012 15:43

Okay, I think I finally have all my finished work added now... or at least, the work I still know where it is. I don't keep my poetry as well organized, as it's not an area I often delve into. As where a certain story I'm working on is, or a project I'm designing and I can point you to it within seconds. Where that one certain poem is? Yeah, gimme a couple days and I'll get it to you. I should do something about that, eh?

Maybe I might try making something new. I don't know if I can pop out a poem, I have to be in the right mindset for those, but I'm sure I could easily make a fictional piece...

08 May 2012 21:33

Couldn't find "Lighter," I'm quite sad. I rather liked that one, wrote it at a staff meeting...

On another note, I start my new job tomorrow. Yay!

08 May 2012 21:27

I'm doing something I've never thought of doing before. I'm reading some of my work over an open mic night at a local cafe in my city. "Watching" will be presented there, as it seems to be my most liked piece, but I might touch on some other ones, if I can get "Lighter" back from Rita, my old coworker...

08 May 2012 05:45

I don't fancy myself a poet, I originally started writing them for a coworker of mine who seemed to get a kick out of them. Soon, other coworkers wanted some... and even though my 'best' ones are no longer obtainable, I still have these few. I prefer writing fiction over poetry though, as I can play with it much more personally. 'Sides, all my poems are morbidly depressing. Rather amusing, but it makes people think it's a "reflection of my soul" when it's more along the lines of "what my brain decided to pop out randomly today."

03 May 2012 07:59

Adding all my older pieces. My poetry isn't made for the kids, apparently x_X

02 May 2012 00:26