Flash Fiction(2)

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No More Games

Vinny hates playing games, but Alice keeps trying anyways.

“Let’s play!” she says to me, tugging at my hand. I shake my head, planting my feet firmly and yanking my arm free from her slim fingers. Alice frowns at me, before shrugging and running towards the large playground. Alice always asks me to play with her, but I never go; instead, I go sit next to the large brick wall with my book. I don’t read though, just pretend to. Instead, I watch...Read On



He didn't remember seeing Chris at the party, but it's obvious now that he was there.

What the hell did Idrink last night? I thought, head spinning as I came into consciousness. Trying to think past the crippling post-alcohol agony I focused on the details that led to there being a crippling post-alcohol agony in the first place. Okay, best friend is getting married. That’s hard to forget. Bachelor party. Okay. The case of 150-proof Joe dragged out of his car. Things...Read On



Bared Soul

Seasons Spent Pondering; Part 4

I try to hold onto my hopes, dreams and desires. As the days grow shorter, and the nights longer, I find that sliver of hope that kept me going start to fade. I clutch my blanket around me tighter, ignoring the clock that says I must leave my bed. I ignore the life outside my doors in favour of living inside my own personal hell. I know what’s wrong, and I know how to fix it; I just lack...Read On


The Burn of Summer Light

Seasons Spent Pondering; Part 3

I can feel it on my skin, the tantalizing, life-giving heat from the sun above me. My skin dries, burns, blisters, reflecting my mind much more than seldom-spoken words or actions could ever hope to achieve. I watch the red peel, revealing darkened skin below, and it amuses me. My anger, much like my skin, burns and blisters my soul, leaving behind a darker and darker stain each time I feel...Read On


Reborn in Spring Rain

Seasons Spent Pondering, part 2: Spring

Sitting out on my porch I watch the world wake up. First the birds, calling out to their neighbours and family with happy, cheerful greetings. Then it's the moist drops of dew, glistening in the growing rays of sun that begin to peek over the tall snow-capped ridges surrounding me. After that comes the noise of humanity; cars, children, talking, crying, laughing, singing, happiness,...Read On


Cold Memories

Seasons Spent Pondering, part 1: Winter

As the snow falls silently outside my window, I sit here dreaming of you. I miss the way you smiled at me when I would run off on a tangent, then forget what I was talking about. I miss how you would sit at my desk working intently as I lie on the bed and watch you. I miss how you could always find time to indulge my spontanious impulses to go do something without complaining. I miss you...Read On



Love Untold

The world cannot understand the love I have for her.

I hold my cards close to my chest Never letting anyone in I don’t show my true colours Instead keeping my thoughts to myself Why would I do this, you ask Because the world is so cruel Narrow-minded fools are in charge And refuse to understand me I am deeply in love, yet I cannot share I am listed as single, unwed But as long as my love understands I do not care Some days it’s harder, I just...Read On



No matter where I look, it's always the same.

I stare at you, and you stare back I hate what I see, yet still I look At my reflection Two years later I stare once more Nothing has changed I still hate what I see I hate who I am And I hate my reflection Another year goes and I feel trapped in time Nothing gets better Those were all lies I hate how my eyes Are covered in black And my lips are cracked Grinning back in my reflection ...Read On


My Hidden Reality

I can only hide from myself for so long.

It’s coming from each side I can feel it surround me Choking, suffocating I can’t see it, yet still it’s there A thousand tiny hands Holding, pressing Pinning me where I stand I can’t understand it Confusing, condemning Where reality and fantasy touch The blurry border I walk Twisting, turning Never-ending agony Burning my thoughts and dreams Searing, scarring The guilt...Read On


Second Place

When did our flame burn out?

Can I ask you a question, From deep in my mind? Will you give me the answer Or is it just not time? For me to find out If what we have is real? What I want to know Is if we mutually feel, For I feel you move farther Away every day, And I don’t think you hear What I try to say. I want back the old us The two we once were, Why do I feel like There’s another ‘her?’ Who’s replaced me in your...Read On



Don't look back, just keep walking on.

The day that the world ends Will you be there to see it? The fires and the chaos Will you be running through it? That way that life is now You know it cannot last Will you embrace that darkness? Or be swallowed by your past? The tears that you are crying Leave such a dark red trail Down your cheeks across your lips And steadily drip of your chin You are so very weak So I feel...Read On



I just want to be perfect for you.

When I feel you moving closer My breath just seems to catch Your eyes refuse to leave mine Trapping me in their depths I don’t know how to act What is right and what is wrong You always seem to know though As my head slams against the wall I cry out, “I’m sorry!” But you just shake your head. “You little bitch,” you sigh, “I thought we’ve gone over this.” “I didn’t mean...Read On



Fear is the sweetest look on your face.

Look at me Let me gaze at you Eyes wide and open Letting me into your soul My heart swells At the sight you give me Hands bound tight Mouth taped closed I circle around you Strapped to the chair I drink in the fear That is so clear in you The tears blurring your vision Cannot be contained Let them flow Let me see them Let me see more I lift up your chin And plant a soft kiss On the...Read On