Flash Fiction(1)



The General stands on the edge of the forest. His grey-green eyes haunted by death and destruction looks over the beauty of the meadow before him His heavy armor matches the heaviness in his heart. When will the bloodshed and devastation stop. Blood covers his armor and face. His own or others he does not know or care. He is lost in despair. His eyes take in the sprawling green...Read On



Dawns Delight

waking up thinking about you

Sunlight on roses Moonlight on water Lightning bright Dawns delight Thoughts of you Always a delight Soft little kisses Always on my mind Last thought at night First thought By dawn early light Is you You are my dream My inspiration My delight My completion Joy in the morning Dawns delight Spring flowers Wonderful beauty My heart My soul Yearn for you Dawns delight...Read On


la bella dame

he gets to experience what he has done

Twilight calls Another man falls The beautiful lady Spins her web Indeed they are easy These creatures Show of affection Show of trust Show of flesh The predator hunter Becomes the prey Pounce and use Or so he thought Wrapped in her snare Of loves delight The beautiful lady Spins her web Twilight calls Another man falls Just deserts served He got what he deserved Reaped what he sowed...Read On



search is over

I have searched Through the ages Through time Distant planets Far and wide To find the one  Ripped from my heart At the beginning of time Lifetimes toiling searching Living dying Born anew search again Each lifetime a failure Live love laugh die But still haven't found The one To fill this void in my heart I have searched Through the ages Through time ...Read On



about you and me

I am the man on the bus I am the woman sipping a latte I am the girl in the library I am the boy in the corner I am you Virtual love is real Virtual world is real We have no touch We have no taste We have no sight We have no borders We have no flag We have no color We have no religion Virtual love is real Virtual world is real Laptops  Cell phone screens ...Read On



love is lost no hope left

Echo calling out Your name  Bouncing off the walls  Of my crumbling heart Deep desolation  Emptiness Despair Beauty in the Breaking dawn only Awakens memories more Darkness hides but brings Comfort not  Deep desolation  Emptiness Despair Echo calling out Your name  Voices in my head Memories of you Empty rooms  Empty heart Echo calling out Your...Read On



love found

Light a candle in daylight Sing a song to a sun bird Carry water to the river Bake a cake in the moonlight Walk backwards in the rain Dance a jig on the rooftop Fall in the water Shine a torch at the sun  Scream a lullaby  Spin around in circles All because of you  My life turned Upside down Inside out Joy abounding No more sorrow  No more darkness No...Read On