Flash Fiction(1)


The Fish, the Witch, and the Mermaid

A cute little story about a little boy turned into a fish

There once was a fish  from Grayling Michigan,  Who wished with all his heart to be a little boy again. But an evil Sea Witch had cast a spell and When next he awoke he had fins and a tail! His mommy and daddy he thought missed him a lot He was four foot tall with a frog named Sir Lancelot! He missed his friends and even his bedroom And all of his cars that went ...Read On


A Helping Hand

A favorite of mine.

A troubled teen walks the street in fear Painstaking screams that only she can hear. Strung out on drugs fearing death no more Wishing to remember the life she had before. A big, strong hand reaches down from above Embracing her tortured soul offering, his never-ending love. ‘Take hold of my hand let me show you the path To free you of this anguish and live in the precious aftermath.’...Read On