A poet destroyer

I'm a poet destroyer

Silver Skimpy Ink, String, A POET DESTROYER's bling, bling Think of me as a human ditty delicious decoration, Something along the line of a sweet tooth temptation Cherry tastes, between the slit of tender toast  Fine jumble jam slams down the tongueless throat  Dance like a diamond on The tight South Pacific Rim I'll feed you with a slithering seductive sound My hair soaking,...Read On



This is about struggles in life

we struggle to have meaning  in this world which we all know we try but yet we wonder  where we all should go hidden in the questions  which we can not find the answers are all hidden deep inside our minds hidden in our soul is the life we try to hide but in time it will find you and it will release  all of its secrets hidden beneath  so before it ruins the life you...Read On


More than a poet

This describe me

Yeah, I'm more then a poet cause I'm an artist and a writer. I'm a lover and a fighter and my son provider. I have a habit of my own of graspin' words with my fist. See, I'm a talented unknown and unheard of lyricist. Look, I'm as real as this art. So no poet could ever diss me my feelings come from my heart And I flow it so effortlessly. I'm more than a poet that's...Read On


Pen and paper

This is how I feel about my pen and paper

Pen and paper, ink and words, drips of wax and candlelight. A hunched up figure at a desk writing through the night. A brainful of imagination, a well of unpenned thoughts, trickling slowly to the page in letters, words, inkblots. Scratching, scrawling, scribbling fills that small scriptorium. Curls, serifs, and cursive swirls spin words for tales to come....Read On