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I like to write short stories and poems and hope you will enjoy reading them. I have a wonderful imagination and I am very creative. I love to just get lost in my thoughts.

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Love online games, cooking, love going to the beach, swimming, going to amusement parks, love roller coasters, love to write stories and poems, love to meet new people.
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Chances, Lucky, Vendetta, Twilight Saga, The Firm
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Jackie Collins, Stephanie Meyers
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All The Twilight movies, Titanic, Remember Me, Gone With The Wind, Stepmom, Steel Magnolias, Coyote Ugly, Jerry McGuire, Pretty Women, Jersey Girl, Splendor in the Grass
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Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Shania Twain, Jimmy Buffett, Rolling Stones, Pitbull


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2020 The Year Of Covid

This year has proved to be chaotic It reminds me of a scientific movie The news makes you neurotic The world is basically gloomy This virus is a killer So many people have died Nothing makes this virus familiar The numbers have caused a landslide You have to wonder what is true Is the media telling some tales So many people have their views There are so many details Wearing a mask is the...

Added 27 Sep 2020 | Category Poetry | Views 318 | 2 Comments

The Dark Web

A place where it's dark Nobody knows how to find Information can be marked Criminals lurk behind There's no way to check How do you get there It's really quite high tech All we are is quite aware Sinister people buying information Stealing our identities Causing lots of aggravation They're our number one enemies The dark web is scary Is your information there We're all very wary The dark...

Added 18 Oct 2019 | Category Poetry | Views 445 | 4 Comments

Advice To New Parents

A new baby is always so much fun A little bundle of joy to love There's nothing better than a little one This is a gift sent from up above Take photos every day And a video diary too They change in so many ways This will be nice to look through A video diary of all milestones It's an incredible gift In a flash, they'll be grown They'll thank you with a kiss Save a few of their things For...

Added 15 Apr 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 919 | 3 Comments

The Night Everything Changed

Our lives were perfect We lived a normal life I was happy when we met I enjoyed being your wife We loved each other always Enjoyed living our lives Everything changed one day That night when we died We went out to an affair Everything was alright The evening turned to a nightmare We were both filled with fright Chaos and screams heard People running for cover Our minds were blurred I...

Added 03 Oct 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 861 | 3 Comments

Beautiful Tiny Baby

My special tiny one Doctors helped you grow Looking at you made me smile Your growth was a bit slow Taken to intensive care You slept in an incubator There were many prayers Lots of good indicators Many months at the hospital Lots of medical procedures So precious and very little A tiny fighter who was eager You were sent from up above We love you each day Your life will be filled with...

Added 29 Mar 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 770 | 3 Comments

A Special Letter

A lovely letter was addressed to me The words were very nice This letter filled me with glee It was rather concise The words made me cry It was a note about my life My eyes were not dry The letter said I was a good wife My life was a series of tests The journey would be hard Life was not like the rest Often I would be on guard I'd be a mother of special one's Learners that learn differently...

Added 26 Mar 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 810 | 4 Comments

Another Year Has Passed

She came with flowers  On this lush and deep path There was a rain shower She had visions of the psychopath Her sister was murdered here Her body and soul in heaven She still cries many tears There's still no confession Every year on this date She brings flowers to the spot Her death was filled with hate Her body bled a lot The psychopath escaped From prison that night Her sister was...

Added 08 Mar 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 880 | 3 Comments

PTSD Hurts Him

He sits and screams at night Visions consume his dreams Fighting with no light He remembers all the screams Death all around  Shells of bullets there Bodies on the ground Everybody saying prayers Fear is all that's felt Fighting all through the night Takes his canteen from his belt He's consumed with just fright He lived and most friends died During the Vietnam War Pain that makes him cry...

Added 06 Mar 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 847 | 2 Comments

What Is This

She awoke and was sleep walking Her and her American Girl doll What she saw was rather shocking There was blood dripping from the walls Whose blood was it she thought Her mom and dad alive in bed She was scared and distraught Perhaps she had hit her head Was this just her in a dream The blood perhaps not there Was it not really how it seemed This was probably just a nightmare She closed...

Added 05 Mar 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 913 | 4 Comments

Memories In Your Mind

I loved you for a lifetime  We were two of a kind Our love always sublime Now I just live in your mind Precious memories stored One spouse needs to let go For the other heaven is the reward Our love will continue to grow I'll wait for you here Your book is still being written You must not cry any more tears You can meet other women My life is now in the light Your book still not...

Added 08 Feb 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 912 | 5 Comments

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