Backed Into A Corner

Nothing but an animal Backed into a corner Haunches pressed against the wall Scared of getting stronger Hand that fed me keeps me here, Trying not to bite. How can I suppress the fear, Of hands no longer right. Blame me not for reflex mine. It was not contrived. But I’ve seen the warning sign - Trust won’t be revived. Between the walls and cowering… Stuck on future crimes, ...Read On


I Feel Nothing

I feel so many things That when I take a moment to breathe A moment to pause before sleep overcomes me I cannot feel anything I am empty. I look on the past It’s a flurry of cold anger The freezing storm that lays a sheet of ice upon my forehead To cool my thoughts With a rustling wind carrying hate For the people that have wronged me. More dangerous than any heated...Read On


Of Writing

Hard it is to write down words, Already engraved In the blank books of my mind, Stored away and saved. Written for myself you see, Not for your critique Now and then I pick them up And once more take a peak. At the worlds that thrilled me then Worlds that still amaze. And sometimes I think it wrong; My own tales to praise. Still I foster fantasy And dwell within my tale Oft...Read On



Do not be that kind to me Make not possibility I would rather be your friend Love for me has made a trend: Friendship into lust and pain Love that makes me rude and vain Scared I am to see a day When I might see you in that way. Maybe with you I’d be wrong Sorry I’m just not that strong I’m not going to bare my heart Plus your life’s about to start. We’ll go hit on...Read On


Someday You'll Be Glad

Lay your beating heart by mine Cross your fingers intertwine Search your soul for hidden sign Toss the straws and fall in line. Rest hope’s head upon your bed Have no tears left to be shed Sleep not on this path we tread Read the notions left unsaid. When you tire keep it in If you stop you won’t begin Journey to yourself within Find what’s needed to fit in. When you’re...Read On



My bare toes curling in warm sand Your arms around me, time unplanned To feel the impulse of your thoughts Which whisper up from depths opaque Our minds are one soft rippling lake. The impulse of a kiss arose, I hope my blush hides in shadows You notice, softly laugh and smile “I haven’t kissed you yet” you say The thought’s enough for fond display. It scares me. Squeeze. Don’t...Read On


The Desert

I love it, this heat The scorching sun that sizzles on tar roads The searing metal of a seat belt buckle. Sure we complain One hundred and seventeen degrees Farenheit Some sadistic streak lets us enjoy The strolling walk in golf. Our shade is the long pole shadow Of a saguaro cactus Our drink is in the Holy Grail Of a mirage, untouchable There is little more precious than...Read On


The Instinct Fear

Fear brings out the worst in people

My mind is a constant battle Of holding strong and wearing thin My thoughts are a constant prattle Of meaningless words and din. My eyes are forever seeking out The lost, the constant, in this place My head forever turned away From any contact with disgrace. My hands are trembling with unease They grip the slipping steering wheel My ears are likely soon to seize The sound of...Read On


The Life of One Girl: Her Younger Years

At first she knows only of those, That young and selfish, always try To be the best, turn up their nose. She cares not for them but gets by. Yet next she meets the bitter child That smiles politely in your face And then your talent is reviled And jealousy takes friendship’s place. An angel graces troubled times A human kind and so divine She wonders at her sins and crimes And...Read On