Blissful Distractions

Perception is the key to happiness.

The damp discolored leaves pile themselves onto the earth below their previous home. Unable to handle the torture bestowed upon them. The cold kills the weak. The last of the rain throws itself onto the pavement, building in size. It plans to overwhelm the planet, foiled by the various drains placed throughout the street. The devastating battle is masked by the ignorance of the human...Read On



Within The Thoughts of Insanity

A devastating short story about a schizophrenic teenager going through high-school.

The rain seems so soft and friendly. Comforting; as if its entire meaning of existence is to engulf you like a child in a blanket. Simply reassuring you that everything will be alright. This road is beaten and brittle. The cracks quietly outline the years of torture that this road has witnessed. The withered leaves yawn as they try to cover up my mistakes, tired of knowing I won't listen....Read On