The Wig

Madeline was convinced the wig was evil. But was it?

THE WIG (Chapter One) Madaline and Luna were room-mates, both in their mid twenties. On the outside, they looked like complete opposites. Madaline was a bit on the chunky side. She weighed over 200 pounds, and wore a size 18. Once in a while, she could squeeze into a Walmart size 16...if she was lucky. She had acne and medium length thin brown hair that hung like lifeless strands of...Read On


The Wig Chapter 2

Madeline is convinced Luna's new auburn wig is evil....so she has plans to get rid of it.....

But Madeline would need to bide her time. She would need to wait for the perfect opportunity to carry out her devious scheme. She would have to be patient. The worst part is, she would have to live with the dreaded auburn wig until the perfect opportunity arose. And, in Madeline's opinion, living with the wig sucked...big time! Madeline was more and more convinced, as time went on, that...Read On

Flash Fiction(3)


A Day in the Life of Bethanne

Bethanne was convinced all the excitement was out there...waiting...

Bethanne was bored with school. Sooo bored. She was sitting in history class, convinced all the excitement was going on RIGHT THIS SECOND, outside the school walls. And she wanted to be part of it. She was itching to be part of it. The school walls felt like a prison,and she was being held prisoner against her will. Simply because she was fourteen. That was her only crime. The air...Read On


Garbage Day

Garbage Day was about to change...

Uggh! It's garbage day! What a disgusting way to ruin a nice Saturday, I always think. Ever since my husband lost his job and we moved to this hicky end-of-the-road town, we've had to actually BRING our garbage and recyclables to the "Refuse Center" because it costs too much to have it picked up by a garbage truck, like normal people do. It's such a hassle. First, I have to spend...Read On

Happy First Birthday, Andrea!

It's my daughter Andrea's very first birthday - yet, there's no celebration!

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, ANDREA! December 13'th. The day dawned cloudy and gray. Such uninspired weather for such a monumentous day. It was the day of my daughter Andrea's VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! My mind kept thinking, One year ago today....because you see, it wasn't just Andrea's first birthday. It was also my first birthday of being a mom! One year old. My baby was one year old. Why,...Read On



Ode To Orange (my favorite color)

Yay, orange!

I love you,orange! You're a fun splash of bold! But you're not well liked, I am told. I don't care! You make me smile! You're a bright butterfly And hot pumpkin pie You are orange toe-nails On my feet You're a soft juicy peach That's delightfully messy; never neat. You can be spicy. And you can be sweet. Either way, you are a visual treat. That's also good to eat!...Read On

Young Adult(1)


Amelia's Diary

Amelia is a confused young married woman with a dark secret....

Dear Diary. I hate it here in boring old Wisconsin. Nobody dresses with style and creativity. They all look exactly the same: jeans and hoodies, with long straight blonde hair. They all act obnoxious, and they're all into drugs. I hate it, hate it, hate it, and think I would not make it if it wasn't for Ed. At least with Ed, I have someone to talk to. Living with my parents is okay....Read On