I wrote this in ninth grade after a looong poetry writer's block. Trigger warning for self-harm.

Do you remember when you wanted to lose yourself, when you wanted nothing but to dissolve into the crevices of the walls behind you and fade into nothingness, when you wanted to say goodbye to everyone but save yourself the pain of departure by just fading away into the bitter air that frequently surrounded you, freezing you to the point where you thought the cold seeped into your soul and...Read On



It's Too Late to Say I'm Sorry

A short piece I wrote about my struggles with anorexia. Contains a line from the song Homewrecker.

It was all my fault, really. I did this to myself, I let people control me. I listened to the hungry barks of men and the curling breaths of the hounds around me and let the big bad wolf get to me. At least I learned my lesson, at least I know now that I'm actually worth something, and that I could have bloomed liked I was supposed to given more time, given better circumstances, given...Read On



Bedroom Hymn

I'm in love and I was inspired. The use of religious terms is not meant to offend anyone.

They say God is dead. I say God is reborn every single night whenever you make me scream his name. You see, no religion is as good as ours. No prayer sounds as beautiful as your heavy breathing beside my ears, and holy water doesn't feel nearly as cleansing as your sweat on my body. No god has ever felt as worshipped as I have in the moments when you breathe me in like a man who has...Read On


But Really, I Adore You

He and I stopped being friends, and I needed to vent. Title taken from the song Starring Role.

I ignore you so painfully obviously that it's almost like I'm screaming out how much attention I'm actually paying you. Every turn I make, every single step I take is carefully calculated to be in the opposite direction you're going. Every turn of my gaze is towards where I know your eyes won't meet mine, and every breath that escapes my mouth leaves my body with the hope that it...Read On


Pity the Living, Indeed

Just a tiny piece I wrote when I realised something at a funeral

The thing about funerals is that it's not only the poor bastard on the casket who looks dead. As you reach out to grab the crying son's shoulder or the wailing husband's hand, you see the hollows in their cheeks and their ashen faces and feel skin unnervingly cold from the twenty-year-old air conditioners whirring in the background. You see how screwed up everyone is, how the hundreds...Read On



But I'm Not

Short piece. I saw him during class and the words just flowed.

If I was still your friend, I would be so proud of you right this second. If I was still your friend, you would not quite understand why, but accept it quietly, like you did everything else about me. If I was still your friend, I would greet you every morning, smile, stick out an arm and wrap it around your shoulders. If I was still your friend, you would smile back and tell me about...Read On


I Remember...

A granddaughter speaks of her sweet memories. Forgive me if I've divided my verses incorrectly.

I remember the sweet scent of my grandmother, ginger and honey, her long gray braid swaying in the breeze streams of curling white on a gleaming silver ribbon. I remember the tiny cabin out in the woods, a quaint wooden box in the shape of a home; picture-perfect, a spitting image of a fairytale house where every dream came true. I remember the smell of the woods  and...Read On


Lack of Motivation is a Peaceful Bathtub

For my writing class, I had to create a poem related to a random metaphor my teacher came up with.

you close your eyes, and you let yourself sink lower,  let the warm water lap at your skin  and melt against your goose bumps,  the stark contrast of the bitter cold above you  and the warmth beneath you  taking you by surprise. the image suddenly shatters as you suddenly open your eyes,  and you feel like you're dry again,  bone and dust and wind,  but you exhale  and you...Read On


Pandora's Heart

A tiny poem inspired by something I saw on Tumblr

she was tired of getting her heart shattered so she filled it with hate, and the next time it was broken the poison spilled out and the villain did not survive her wrath ...Read On



Exploring a relationship with no future and no past

you are not my gleaming sun you are not the soft, rhythmic beating of my heart you are not constant, sweet music to my ears, nor are you beauty and grace and personified you are not my winged golden seraph, you are not my endlessly starry night sky. you are not my blooming rose, nor are you the color in my life nor the passion of my soul you are here now, though. and you...Read On


This Is the Night

An old poem I thought I should publish after being reminded of it by summer's beautiful nights.

The dark envelops the world, wielding a sharp blade against the light. Shadows sink on over brooding souls.  Oh yes , this is the forthcoming night. The sun bleeds upon misty skies like red and orange coloring a blank sheet; as diamond rain onto bracken earth spills, brightness and black finally in a waltz meet and like a blown candle flame, the light disappears. ...Read On


What is the Smartest Letter of the Alphabet?

A sort of silly poem I had to write as part of a Creative Writing course I took in 10th grade.

I imagine it to be the last in queue: a line first, then a diagonal cross that leaves you astonished, amazed that later melts into a familiar line, just a simple little line. almost as knowing as a human, it can hide very well; its siblings s and c are mentioned frequently, and display the same jingle, the same bell sound, but still it remains in hiding, ...Read On

Romance (1)


Sickly Sweet

A short excerpt from a larger story of mine. Contains gay kissing and some possibly familiar names.

It’s Chris’s twenty-first birthday and the smell of alcohol fills the air as music plays through huge, booming speakers. They had rented out a whole club for the occasion, so it's empty except for the drunken cast members who slosh around wearily, grinning stupidly and only barely realizing that maybe, just maybe, they overdid it with the alcohol. The designated drivers have long since...Read On